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Controls & Reporting

"The controls & reporting we employ are rooted in accrual-based accounting, which is the most accurate way to evaluate the performance of your properties."

- Andy Gregoire
Chief Financial Officer
Uncle Bob's Management
A division of Uncle Bob's Self Storage
6467 Main Street • Buffalo, NY 14221
Uncle Bob's Management

More than just Accounting

Your properties are in good hands with the experienced people and systems employed by Uncle Bob's Management. We use proprietary accounting and finance control systems that centralize data and allow real-time updates for services such as online payments and online reservations. The accounting team is made up of more than 20 professionals overseen by two CPAs who have a combined 20 years experience with a focus on self storage.

Our accounting team will work for you overseeing the financial aspects of your operations. Daily audits of payments and cash/credit reporting along with monthly bank reconciliations keep your properties' finances firmly in control.

At Uncle Bob's, we couple accounting controls with independent, on-site audits to monitor stores' compliance with legal and operational policies and procedures. Operating your properites under Uncle Bob's Management minimizes your exposure to legal issues and potential fraud.

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