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Spring Cleaning Your Organized Home

If you are like most people, you are busy with a capital B! Family, work, errands, hobbies, etc.—they keep you moving and on the go. So how can you do some necessary spring cleaning when life is so busy? The key to a cleaner house might actually start with clearing the clutter in your home and getting everything organized. If that seems like an impossible task right now, read on for a few tips!

1. First, declutter.

I wish there was an easier step, but there is no real way to organize or clean around excess stuff. When you have too much, you can’t put anything away because you don’t have enough room in drawers and closets. And when there is no room in drawers or closets, clutter fills up surfaces like counters and floors. With those surfaces overflowing, you can’t clean the room.

Furthermore, when things are chaotic at home and you can’t find things you’re looking for, you will feel disorganized in many other areas of life, too. At that point, you will probably feel overwhelmed and give up on ever being organized or having a clean house.

So break it down into easier, straightforward steps. Start with just one room that always seems to be a mess. Ruthlessly get rid of all excess and keep only what you really need in that space. Then you can organize those essentials and find what you need, while keeping things clean at the same time!

2. Make sure everything you use has a home.

Every household item needs to be placed back in a designated place after use so it won’t end up on the counters or floors. When counters and floors are clear of piles of clutter, cleaning those surfaces is so much easier.

If you have pared down to only what you really need and use regularly but still don’t have enough space in drawers or closets to store everything, think of creative alternatives for storage in your home, such as decorative baskets, trunks, boxes or crates. Or you may wish to consider renting a storage unit to safeguard some of your belongings and clear up space in your home.

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3. Make “tidying up” a daily habit.

I prefer to straighten up the house a little bit every day rather than wait for a big cleaning day. For instance, I find it much less overwhelming and definitely less time consuming to wash dishes as I go. When dishes pile up for days, you’ll end up using twice as many dishes and putting out twice as much effort to keep up with them.

My motto: Have less to keep up with, but keep up with what you have!

When all of your belongings have a home in a designated space, you’ll find it so much easier to know what to do with a mess when you see it. Instead of aimlessly shuffling clutter around, you can actually put items away each day. A few minutes of daily effort will save hours and hours trying to catch up on the weekend or a day off.

Try cleaning and tidying up for 5 to 10 minutes several times throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how great your house can look when you make this a daily habit.

4. Streamline the cleaning routine.

Where do you keep your cleaning supplies? If you have to run all over the house or dig through the garage or closet to find supplies and rags, you won’t be very efficient. In fact, you’ll probably be tempted to skip cleaning if it’s too much trouble to find what you need.

I keep a few necessary cleaning supplies, rags and trash bags in my kitchen as well as our main bathroom under the sink. That way, when I have a few moments to wipe down counters and sinks, I will be able to quickly grab what I need to swish through toilets and empty trash cans. You may also want to keep a cleaning spray in each shower so you can give it a quick spray before you get out.

Make cleaning convenient so it can be a regular part of your routine.

Are you ready to get started on a more clean and organized home? Just take it one step at a time!


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  • Lisa

    Great, simple tips!

  • http://Shaw Jackie

    The only thing really needs spring leaning are my windows,Ikeep cleaning as I,I may doa few extra things inspiring,Ilike a tidy house. All year round.

  • Tina


  • Carrie

    Yes! Everything needs a home. I find if I really make this a task- cleaning is sooo much easier!

  • W Thomas

    I need this!

  • Mimi

    I find decluttering and having a place for everything the most important of the tips. I took me years to learn that if I had only things I wanted and/or needed, and if each of these things had a place it belonged, cleaning up would be a snap. Thanks for the reminders.

  • Tracey Testa

    This is Exactly what I am trying 2 Accomplish! Decluttering my Home! My place is very small with limited space! Thanks 2 Bob’s Storage and Melissa Michaels Tips, I’m on my way there! I would like a copy of this page, how do I print it!

    • Katie @ Uncle Bob’s

      We’re so glad the tips are helpful to you, Tracey! Be sure to come back and share your success stories with us.