Hallway of luxury villa in Spain

Hallway Organizing and Decorating Ideas

Even though the hallway is used every single day, it is often overlooked when it comes to decoration and organization; here are some tips on how to give your hallway…

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Home Office Pic 1

How to Organize Your Home Office: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve never organized your home office, it may feel too grand a task to even try – with these expert tips, decluttering your office doesn’t have to be scary!…

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The Five Organizing Basics

If you’re trying to get organized, it’s important to understand the five basic tenets of organization – they’ll come in handy when you create an organizing system you can stick…

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repurpose CD cases

How to Creatively Repurpose Old CDs and CD Cases

CDs and jewel cases may be things of the past, but with these tips they can be repurposed and transformed into practical items for the home. Continue reading >> Read More

what to do with unwanted gifts

The Best Ways to Deal with Unwanted Gifts

So, Christmas is over and you’re stuck with gifts you didn’t want. With this guide you can tactfully sell, return, exchange, or re-gift those unwanted presents. Continue reading >> Read More

How to Organize Your Home Electronics

From business to entertainment, electronics are everywhere in our homes – if your tech gadgets and electronics are getting out of control, here are easy ways to get organized. >> Read More