Avoid the Chaos and Clutter of Fall with The Decluttered Home eBook

With the help of Uncle Bob’s new eBook, The Decluttered Home, you can cut back on back-to-school stress and clutter—room by room. Here is a sample of what the eBook…

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clutter clearing

The Five Causes of Clutter and How To Avoid Them

You’re an individual. Your clutter and its causes are unique to you. However, most cases of clutter can be attributed to five basic rationalizations. Continue reading

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eco friendly organizing 1

Economical and Eco-Friendly Organizing Ideas

Choosing eco-friendly storage solutions for throughout your home will help you do both while reducing your carbon footprint. From mason jars in the craft room to surprising storage solutions for…

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Back to school supplies.

How to Organize School Supplies for Back-to-School Ease

Organizing school supplies while trying to cram some fun into the last days of summer can make the back-to-school season hectic for some families. However, you can avoid the stress…

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White bookshelf with a colorful books.

Utilizing Small Spaces for Storage in the Home

When you live in a small space, it’s important to take advantage of every single square inch of available storage area. Whether it’s high or low or on display or…

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kids going to college

Kids Going Away to College? Repurpose Their Room!

Is Junior leaving for college in September? Look on the bright side: you’re not losing a child—you’re gaining an extra room! So dry your tears, grab some garbage bags and…

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