kids going to college

Kids Going Away to College? Repurpose Their Room!

Is Junior leaving for college in September? Look on the bright side: you’re not losing a child—you’re gaining an extra room! So dry your tears, grab some garbage bags and…

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Keep your home organized for the unexpected

Organizing for Emergency Preparedness

Accidents, floods, earthquakes, storms, fires – emergency situations happen. Some of them can’t be prevented, but the rest you can prepare for. Here are some tips to help you improve…

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declutter your home to remove allergens

Allergies Caused by Clutter: Clean Up and Breathe Easier

Itchy, watery eyes? Scratchy throat? Stuffy nose? Sneezing? The pollen count may not be the only thing that sends you running inside for the antihistamine. According to’s John Briley,…

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How to Organize Your Home for Back to School Ease

Back-to-school season may mean helping the kids get to the school bus on time or it may mean driving the neighborhood carpool. Either way, your home is going to need…

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Make the Most Out of Your Pantry Space

Learn how to make the most out of the space in your pantry with the following tips from Professional Organizer Andi Willis. Easily transform your kitchen from a cluttered mess…

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Kick-Start Your Garage Organization

Is your garage stressing you out? Maybe you are ready for a garage makeover. Here are a few tips to help kick-start the organization of your garage: Continue reading…

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