Refresh Your Home with Timeless Pieces Pic 1

Refresh Your Home with Timeless Furniture Pieces

Finding a unique furniture pieces that you can refurbish to fit your style is one of the best ways to fill your home with treasured pieces that reflect your personality.…

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kids crafts

How to Keep Kids Crafts Organized

Completing craft projects and doing activities as a family is a great way to create lasting memories with your kids. Here's how to keep the craft activities fun and the…

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Kitchen Organizing: Creating a Functional and Enjoyable Space

With help from Professional Organizer Andi Willis, learn how to transform your kitchen from a functional area to a living space that contributes to more than just amazing meals. >> Read More

Trends Tips Decorating with Color Pic 1

Trends & Tips for Decorating with Color

Can’t afford a whole home makeover? Sometimes just fresh coat of paint and a few accessories in today’s trending colors can add the pop you need to give your surroundings…

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Simple Summer Home Renovations to Create Space

If you’re among the growing number of folks who want to spruce up their digs and eliminate clutter, you’ll be happy to hear it doesn’t have to mean a major…

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Creative uses for a pallet

Using Pallets for Decoration and Storage

Pallets are hugely popular as construction materials, but instead of building a new sofa, you can use them to help you organize your home and storage areas. >> Read More