Organizing Bathrooms and Linen Closets

Easy Ideas for Organizing Bathrooms and Linen Closets

When your home is cluttered and chaotic and you feel like you’re losing control, organizing just one small space can be therapeutic and rewarding. The question is which project should…

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Clutter Causes Stress

Clear the Clutter – Your Body and Mind will be Thankful

Are you feeling distracted? Do you have a hard time being productive or creative? Are you unable to relax? If so you may be experiencing classic signs of stress. And…

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Organizing an Empty Nest

The Empty Nest is Still Full of Stuff

As parents, you dream someday your children will go off to college and become successful - doctors, lawyers, scientists or teachers. You want that for them - to leave the…

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House Overflowing With Stuff

Tackling Clutter: Is Your Home Overflowing with Too Much Stuff?

The late comedian George Carlin said, "Your house is a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get... more stuff!" Carlin's satiric comedy routine was a comment…

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Spring Cleaning

Decluttering Our Homes to Restore Their Beauty

Spring-cleaning - a common tradition in most homes - is known as a time to clear the clutter and get ready for spring and summer. But most of us need…

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Welcome to The De-Cluttered Home

For the past five and a half years, I've run a business and a blog called The Inspired Room. As a part of my business and my own personal passion…

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