paperwork organizing

How To Organize Paperwork

Do you dread the task of sorting through it and yet fear just tossing it in case it contains something important? Paper—mail, magazines, news, reports, records, flyers—is one of the…

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Comic Book displaying

Comic Books and Magazines: How to Organize, Display and Store

Here are some tips for organizing, displaying and storing your precious periodicals to elevate them above the level of clutter. Continue reading

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display digital photos

Easy Ways to Display Your Photos

If you have mega-gigabytes of digital images or dusty albums full of old prints, here are some tips for sorting and displaying them. Continue reading

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Kitchen interior

How to Create More Kitchen Counter Space

You know those glossy magazine spreads that show kitchens with enough counter space to land a 747? If you’re like the vast majority of folks, you don’t have that kitchen.…

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summer item storage for winter

Prepare for Winter Storage

This year, instead of leaving your patio furniture and grill to the elements, use this easy three-step plan to organize your outdoor gear and prep it to weather the winter.…

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Organize Your Garage in a Few Simple Steps

If you’re one of the many Americans who can’t even fit one car in your two-car garage, there are plenty of ways you can reclaim this space for your vehicle…

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