Ten Steps to a Clean & Organized Closet

If your closet isn’t as clean, organized or streamlined as you’d like it to be, follow these 10 steps to a clean and organized closet. Continue reading

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winter gear

Turn an Open Storage Space into a Winter Gear Drop Zone

Winter sports can thrill, but they can also cause an organizational challenge. Bring order to the chaos by creating a winter gear drop zone in your home. Continue…

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Dish washing

How to Handle Other People’s Messes

There’s nothing like dealing with the messes of other people – with these tips, you can create a cleaning and organizing plan everyone in the household can stick with. >> Read More

under the bed storage

Secret Storage Space: Under the Bed

If you’re looking for a hidden storage space that’s dry, temperature controlled, and nearby, try looking under your bed. Continue reading

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power tools

Essential Power Tools for Sawing, Sanding and Drilling Your Way to an Organized Home

Create an organized home with this list of must-have power tools for any home improvement novice. Continue reading

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cleaning equipment

Cleaning on a Budget: Must-Have Products for Under $20

Being on a budget doesn’t mean your home has to be a disorganized mess; with these cleaning and organizing products for under $20, your home will be as spic and…

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