Paper Organization: Dealing with Time Sensitive Papers

When getting started with an organizational system, start slow by organizing your home’s sensitive documents and other paperwork. Continue reading

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floating shelves pic 1

Add a Hint of Style to Your Home with Floating Shelves

If you prefer minimalist design or simply have minimal storage space, floating shelves can help create extra room. Continue reading

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Shower curtain

Create Space in the Shower with a Shower Organizer

Maximize your time in the shower by performing an organizing and cleaning overhaul with these tips. Continue reading

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kitchen sink pic 1

How to Organize The Space Under Your Kitchen Sink

Learn the secrets of creating under-sink storage solutions with these tips and tricks. Continue reading

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Young Cat In The Kitchen

Prepare for Your New Furry Friend with These Pet-Proofing Tips

Welcoming a new pet to the family? Prepare for your new addition with these pet-proofing and planning ideas. Continue reading

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Inherited Furniture

What’s It Worth? Find the Value of Your Inherited Furniture

Use these tips to take the guesswork out of finding the value of inherited and antique furniture. Continue reading

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