Kitchen Organizing: Creating a Functional and Enjoyable Space

by Andi Willis

While most think of the kitchen as a functional space to prepare and cook food, the kitchens of today are so much more. Modern-day kitchens are truly multipurpose areas; they can act as a family living space, a play area, an informal dining room, a food preparation station and even a home office all in the course of a day.

With help from Professional Organizer Andi Willis, learn how to transform your kitchen from a functional area to a living space that contributes to more than just amazing meals.

In this video, Andi focuses on four main steps:

  1. Group like with like.
  2. Take advantage of vertical space.
  3. Consider installing rolling shelves.
  4. Make use of drawer dividers and organizers.

Easily Transform Your Kitchen

Not only does a kitchen provide physical nourishment, but for many families, it is a place of emotional nourishment as well. The kitchen is the heart and soul of family life—it’s where families convene each morning and gather each night. Around the holidays, a kitchen is the center of entertainment.

By following Andi’s tips, anyone can transform his or her kitchen into a welcoming and relaxing place. Optimizing the space you already have is one of the easiest ways to ensure the most-used room in the house is also the place your family enjoys spending the most time in.

By keeping pots and pans together, utilizing vertical space, installing easy-to-use rolling shelves and making use of drawer dividers and organizers, even the most cluttered of kitchens can be transformed into a place the whole family wants to be.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more videos about home organization from Andi and other organizing professionals at Uncle Bob’s Storage! And if you still find yourself in need of other ways to reduce clutter in the kitchen and throughout your home, off-site self-storage may be just the solution.