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Tips for an Organized Closet

by Melissa Michaels
If you wish your closet was better organized but have been putting the project off, use these tips to tackle the mess and get it under control.

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coffee kitchen organizing

Coffee Bar Organization Tips

No matter what kind of pick-me-up you prefer in the morning, enjoy the perfect cup every time by following these at-home coffee bar organization tips. Continue reading >> Read More

green friendly solutions for your home

Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home

Transform your home into an eco-friendly space. Not only will it help the environment, but your finances, too! Continue reading

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Trays: The Ultimate in Clutter Control

By using trays for organization throughout your home, you can control clutter in a beautiful and functional way. Continue reading

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Reusing Tissue Boxes

The Best Ways to Reuse an Empty Tissue Box

Before you toss another empty tissue box in the recycling bin, consider transforming it into one of these useful household items. Continue reading

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organizing personal finances

How to Organize Your Personal Finances

If you’re scrambling for receipts, paycheck stubs, and 1099s, here are some tips for keeping your personal finances organized. Continue reading

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