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Wine Storage

Wine collectors take great pride in their investment. When you're looking for wine storage, Uncle Bob's Self Storage provides the ideal conditions for your wines to safely await your return.

Uncle Bob's wine storage units are carefully designed to provide the ideal environment for the storage of fine wines. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to accommodate the size of your collection, from small case lots to the largest restaurant requirements. In addition, our security measures give you the peace of mind you need with such a valuable asset.

You'll also enjoy the added benefits and conveniences our facilities offer, including electronic access, delivery acceptance, online payments and more. While your storage need is unique to wine, we have over 25 years of experience in the storage industry with a well-regarded reputation for customer service.

Uncle Bob's Wine Storage Features

Certification of Conditions*

For a wine to reach its full potential, it should be stored at 55-58 degrees Fahrenheit, with 65-70% humidity. Since cork slowly breathes, high air quality is also critical. We take pride in creating the proper environment since most homes cannot accommodate the conditions needed for proper wine storage.

Temperature and Humidity Control*

Uncle Bob’s refrigeration equipment is solely focused on our wine cellar and is completely separate from the main buildings’ heating and cooling system. Our humidity control systems are designed to avoid the humidity fluctuations that can impact your wine’s flavor.

Light Control*

Our lighting is motion activated, which means your wine is only exposed to ultra violet light for minimal amounts of time. Our goal is to minimize the effects of light exposure on the wine.

High Level Security*

Uncle Bob’s wine storage units are under surveillance by closed-circuit TV systems. Both the building and storage area entrances are protected by password-coded security systems, and the units themselves have an integrated lock. We understand that security is one of the driving factors when choosing storage for your wine collection.

*Monitoring, environments, lighting, and security features vary by facility. Contact us for availability. Mechanical systems are subject to service interruptions for maintenance.