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Uncle Bob's offers a wide selection of storage units with a choice of both traditional and premium storage environments. When selecting the right storage space, it's important to consider more than just the size. Base your final decision on the types of items you are storing and how long you will need to store them.

Do you need climate controlled storage?

You might! We recommend different storage climates for different types of items. If you're unsure which climate would be best for your items, our Storage Climate Recommendation Widget can help! Click on the launch button below and learn which climate is best for your belongings.


Storage Environment

See what storage environment we recommend for the items you're putting in storage.

Climate Control icon

Climate Controlled
Storage Units

Also known as "temperature controlled", Climate Controlled storage spaces are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. Your valuables are protected from extreme temperature swings that can damage wood furniture, electronics, and various forms of plastic and wax. Climate controlled spaces are also ideal for the comfort of customers who visit their storage spaces frequently.

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Dri-guard Icon

Dri-guard Humidity Controlled
Storage Units

Our Dri-guard storage spaces maintain the humidity in the air at safe levels regardless of air temperature. By controlling and reducing humidity, the likelihood of mold and mildew growth, paper rot or metal corrosion is greatly diminished! This is the perfect choice of storage environments if you are storing fine furniture, electronics or anything else that doesn't get along with humidity. Don't be fooled by imitations like canned moisture retardants or portable de-humidifiers - the only reliable way to control humidity is a Dri-guard humidity controlled space!

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Climate Control And Dri-guard icon

Dri-guard Plus
Climate & Humidity Controlled

This is the "best of the best" storage environments packaged into one great storage unit! How can we get so excited? Well, Dri-guard Plus offers the comfort of temperature control with the benefits of humidity control in one space. Rest assured that your valuables are secure in the best storage environment available!

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Heated Icon

Storage Units

In winter climates, your valuables could be vulnerable to the effects of the cold temperatures. A heated storage unit at Uncle Bob's fights off the ill effects of the cold with a carefully monitored temperature inside the space. Plus, you'll be comfortable each time you visit your space!

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Air Conditioned Icon

Air Conditioned
Storage Units

In our hottest climates, it's important to know the way your storage unit is cooled. Air Conditioned storage units use true HVAC cooling to lower the temperature in the space to levels which are safe for sensitive valuables. These storage units do not use EVAP-cooling techniques, so the space is effectively cooled for both your comfort and the safety of your belongings, all without adding humidity to the space.

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Traditional Icon

Storage Units

Sometimes the basics are best! If you would trust storing your stuff in a typical household garage, then a traditional storage space is just what you're looking for. Clean, dry, and secure, traditional storage spaces are Uncle Bob's most common. Many also offer the convenience of drive-up access.

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