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50% Off Next Month

Enter your location to find an Uncle Bob's which offers 50% Off Next Month!

Look for this icon next to storage units that offer this deal!

How does it work?

Here's an example using a storage unit with a regular price of $215.00/mo:

Remaining Days $41.61
Admin Fee $20.00
Cost for March $61.61

This Month

Move in today and pay the remaining days of March. You'll also pay an Admin Fee of $20.

Regular Price $215.00
50% off regular Price $107.50
Cost for April $107.50

Next Month 50% Off!

This month's rent is 50% off! You won't need to make a full rental payment until your third month.

Regular Price $215.00
Cost for May $215.00

Ongoing Rent

On the third month, your storage rental payment reverts to regular price - business as usual.