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More About Self-Storage

At Uncle Bob's we realize you may have some questions about self storage and how it works. We've heard them all over the years, and decided to create a spot to answer all your storage related questions. So take a look below and if you still have questions feel free to contact us.

What is Self Storage and Who Uses It?

One out of every 10 households in the country rents a self storage unit. Find outmore about what it entails to rent a storage unit along with why people are doing it.

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The History of Self Storage

Since 1889, the self storage industry has taken varying shapes and sizes, but always provided a means for people to store, and sometimes move, possessions they couldn't keep in their homes.

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How to Choose A Self Storage Unit Without Seeing It First

If you need to reserve a self storage unit without seeing it first, keep these recommendations in mind.

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Rotate Your Storage Unit to Preserve Your Belongings

Rotating items in your storage unit is a great way to make better use of your space and preserve your belongings. Here are our suggestions on how to rotate your unit.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Units

Be sure to consider the strengths and weaknesses of indoor and outdoor storage units when determining how to best protect your belongings.

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Questions to Ask When Touring a Storage Space

When touring a potential storage space for your belongings, make sure you ask all these important questions.

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Storage for Students: Portable or Stationary?

While storage may not be top of mind for most students, it is important to think ahead for when class is out. Consider your options, especially stationary vs. portable.

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Long Distance Moving: Stationary vs. Portable Storage Options

Moving long distance entails a variety of expenses. To help you choose between the various storage options, check out the pros and cons of stationary versus portable storage.

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Stationary versus Portable Storage for Families

Families can collect a lot of stuff. Keeping everything stored in your home can be challenging. Consider your stationary and portable storage options to manage the overflow.

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Portable versus Stationary Storage When You're Selling Your Home

Convenience and cost are two major considerations when choosing between portable and stationary storage. Keep these things in mind when selling your home.

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