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How Much Money Can Self Storage
Save a Small Business?

Self-storage units are a great way for small business owners to cut costs. Businesses can use off-site storage to house tools, equipment, files, extra inventory, supplies, and more. These units are cost effective and secure, making them a great asset for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're in the process of moving your business, need to decrease the clutter in your office, or are just looking for a more affordable storage solution, self-storage is the answer!

Save, Save, Save!

Since self-storage units have a lower cost per square foot than most commercial properties, switching from premium office space to a self-storage unit could save you up to 60 percent on rent. The national average for office space in 2013 was $23.23 per square foot while the average cost per square foot of self storage in high population markets was only about $4. Not only will you save on leasing office space, but you'll save on tons of hidden costs, including association fees, legal services, licenses, and permits.

For example, small business owners in Atlanta can save over $21,000* while those in Chicago can save almost $25,000* by utilizing self storage instead of traditional office space. If you're interested in learning more specifically how much money you can save, use Uncle Bob's Storage Savings Calculator.

For more information on the value of storage for businesses, check out our infographic.


Self-storage companies provide top-notch security and 24-hour surveillance at no additional cost — perks you don't typically get from a landlord. The state-of-the-art security features you'll find at Uncle Bob's locations include outdoor surveillance monitoring and electronic access for the facility grounds and buildings. When it comes to your space, you and your business associates will have the only keys to unlock the door. Uncle Bob's does not keep a copy of the key unless you opt for our delivery acceptance services.

If more than one employee from your company needs to use the space, it's easy to grant access to additional people. And, if the employee leaves, you can conveniently revoke the access as well.

Affordable and Accessible Warehouse Space

No longer are you limited to an unprotected warehouse or a dark parking lot to store your belongings. Storing your items in a self-storage unit means you don't have to worry about zoning restrictions in your neighborhood, and you're not leaving your equipment unattended overnight somewhere outdoors. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your items are properly housed and protected, and it's possible to have that reassurance for less than you're paying now.

In addition, self-storage can be as convenient as your own personal warehouse because you can come and go as you please. Most Uncle Bob's locations offer 24-hour access for commercial customers^.

Receive Shipments Efficiently

Do you receive deliveries for your business? Instead of paying someone to wait for the shipment to arrive, let your self-storage company handle it for you. "For small business owners, there is also the convenience of commercial delivery acceptance," says Tracy McEvoy, director of one of Western Canada's largest self-storage companies. "Once set up, shipments can be delivered directly to the unit by the courier company, saving valuable time."

If you receive pallet deliveries, you're already aware of the difficulty you have moving pallets into your office. With Uncle Bob's, many storage units have extra wide doors, and some facilities even have loading docks for receiving pallets directly off the truck.

Skip the Office Altogether

The digital age means it's easier than ever to run a home-based business. With every business, however, comes inventory, supplies, and paperwork that you don't want cluttering up your house. Consider self-storage if you work from home. It's much more affordable than renting an office, and it allows you to keep your living space free of business-related clutter.

But what if you already have a bunch of stuff stored at home or at an office? Not to worry! Our free truck rental can save you time, effort, and cash as you transition to your new self-storage unit.

* These numbers are based on 2015 figures are subject to change.

^ Additional fee may apply.


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