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Living the Sporting Life in Newark, New Jersey


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Newark, N.J., is the third oldest city in the U.S. and offers a wide range of recreational activities for residents and guests to this green-friendly city. With new environmentally responsible initiatives in place throughout the Newark area, outdoor activities have taken center stage and offer plenty of choices for visitors and residents alike.

Baseball Fever

From the high-octane excitement of a Newark Bears home game to the thrill of a Little League showdown, baseball is a major attraction for many Newark residents. Each year, the Shriners sponsor the Licking County Shrine Tournament for Newark Little League teams. Dick Carter, an organizer of this annual event and a trustee of the Licking County Shrine Club, explained that, "Sportsmanship is an important part of [the tournament] for the kids and the parents."

If, like many in Newark, your family plays baseball, storing gloves, bats and bases during the offseason can be a challenge. Self-storage facilities offer a simple and easy solution by providing a secure, climate-controlled space for these team items.

A Walk in the Park

With seven county parks and 40 city parks located in and around Newark, the city offers plenty of open space to explore and enjoy. Local parks are continually being upgraded and enhanced; one recent project at the Fairfield Crest Park involved building a rain garden to provide added living spaces for local wildlife. According to Tom Fruehstorfer, one of the members of the Newark Conservation Advisory Commission, the project is designed to be a certified backyard habitat. Fruehstorfer added, "The city's currently trying to become certified as a backyard habitat city." Newark's newfound emphasis on environmental responsibility is likely to spur similar projects in upcoming months and years.

Professional and Youth Hockey

As one of the high-profile teams in the National Hockey League, the New Jersey Devils get plenty of attention from Newark residents and call the Prudential Center on Lafayette Street their home. Named after the legendary Jersey Devil, a monster said to haunt the New Jersey Pine Barrens and to have terrorized locals since its reputed birth in 1735, the New Jersey Devils team delivers outstanding sports entertainment to Newark residents and hockey enthusiasts throughout the U.S. and Canada. For younger fans, hockey in Newark offers inner-city and at-risk youth an opportunity to participate in ice hockey programs and build athletic and teamwork skills that can serve them well in later life. The program has attracted high-level support and is sponsored in part by the New Jersey Devils Hockey Franchise and the City of Newark. Councilman Augusto Amador praised the program, stating, "Hockey has become an outlet for kids to dream higher, and really become serious about their own lives."

Other Sports Programs

Newark also offers a number of other sports programs designed to help children and adults hone their athletic skills and stay in shape throughout the year. Soccer, basketball and boxing courses are designed for younger participants, but weight room training and the Senior Fishing Derby are reserved for adults only. Most organized Newark sports programs require advance registration or signup before classes or practices begin. Individuals who plan to participate in these organized sports should check with the organizers to determine whether equipment is provided and to determine any necessary fees or charges for the classes and practice sessions.

Self-storage facilities can provide valuable added space for coaches, parents and participants to store sports equipment during the off season. Climate-controlled and secure units can ensure that gloves, bats, masks and other necessary items stay in perfect condition, ensuring that they are ready for use when the next year's schedule rolls around.

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