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Boxes and Tape

We say boxes and tape because they go together - think of Peanut Butter & Jelly or the Sun & the Moon - you need both to make it work! Here's a crash course on different types of boxes, how much tape you will need, and some other helpful products (and yes, there is a quiz at the end of this section).

Packing Tape

You need packing tape to put together your boxes. We sell tape in different size rolls, but we usually recommend the larger of the two - there's not much difference in price and you will likely use it all. Oh, and one last thing about the whole packing tape thing - believe it or not, there is a recommended taping method to help ensure secure seams while helping to prevent crushing:

  • Fold short flaps first
  • Next, fold long flaps and secure with three strips of tape down the center
  • Finally, place two final strips perpendicular about three inches from the edge.

How much will you need? One 60-yard roll will tape about 12 - 14 small boxes, 10 - 12 medium boxes, or 8 - 10 large or extra large boxes.

Small Box

Uncle Bob's small moving boxes are perfect for books, CDs, DVDs, and other small or heavy items. It's also ideal for fragile keepsakes that you'll want to wrap tightly and handle super carefully. Remember, after the box is packed you still need to move it around, so be mindful of how much it's going to weigh - your back will thank you for it!

  • Measures 16x12.5x12.5
  • Side handles for easy lifting
  • One 60-yard roll of tape will close about 12 - 14 small boxes

Medium Box

Uncle Bob's medium moving boxes are our most popular seller because of their versatility. A medium box can hold lots of different items and its size makes it easy for anyone to handle. This is the box of choice for kitchen utensils, larger knick knacks, office stuff - the list goes on and on. Just don't pack it too heavy to lift!

  • Measures 18x18x16
  • Side handles for easy lifting
  • One 60-yard roll of tape will close about 10 - 12 medium boxes

Large Box

Uncle Bob's large moving boxes are best used for larger, lighter-weight items like toys, pots & pans, linens, etc. Several smaller, heavier items can be wrapped in the linens and transported using these boxes - get creative!

  • Measures 24x18x18
  • Side handles for easy lifting
  • One 60-yard roll of tape will close about 8 - 10 large boxes

X-Large Box

You're not really expecting something creative here, right? Uncle Bob's extra large moving boxes are the same as the large boxes but offer an additional six (6) inches in height and are particularly useful for bedding, pillows, towels and bulky fabrics.

  • Measures 24x18x24
  • Side handles for easy lifting
  • One 60-yard roll of tape will close about 8 - 10 x-large boxes

Wardrobe Box

This box is just plain cool! It stands 45" tall and comes equipped with a hanger bar so you can simply transfer clothes from the closet to the box and be done with it. This box truly has staying power - we guarantee you'll want to keep it around after your move. Think seasons!

  • Measures 24x20x45