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Moving Boxes

Pack and move safely

Actually, when we say moving boxes, we really mean boxes, packing tape, packing materials, and a plethora of other gadgets to protect your belongings and make your move easier. And, as you probably expected, we're going to tell you to look no further - Uncle Bob's carries a full line of moving and storage supplies at our storage facilities.

Pack and Move Safely

One final note - if you are packing boxes to put into storage do not - we repeat, do not - use boxes from the grocery store or liquor store or anything that could have been exposed to open food or beverage. The smell will remain in the cardboard and attract unwanted little critters into the storage space. Not only will you regret it, but all your storage neighbors will likely regret it as well. Get the idea?

Check out our video for more tips on safely packing and moving your belongings!