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Get Your Home Ready for a Great Visit with Long-Term Guests


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Any time you have houseguests, you spend time cleaning and organizing so that your visitors can feel at home. Preparing your house is especially important if you'll be having long-term guests. Whether your mom is visiting for a few weeks or you're hosting friends from out of town, getting your home ready will help ensure that your guests and your own family are comfortable. Plan and prepare now so that you'll be able to enjoy the company of your guests once they've arrived.

How to Plan for Long-Term Guests

The first step in preparing for long-term guests is thinking through your guests' unique needs. Stock the guest room with useful items and choose basic decorations. Housekeeping guru Martha Stewart says that, "In a strange room, comfort and space are more soothing than a clutter of unfamiliar things. On a bedside table, place a single flower bloom in a simple glass, a nice clock and a selection of books suited to your guests' tastes."

Stock your guest bathroom with basic toiletries just in case your guests forgot to bring essential items. If you'll be providing food for your visitors, pick up simple snacks and lunch items that you know they'll like. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Enjoying Time With Your Guests

It's important to remember that your guests will want to get out of the house and have some fun during their visit. Try planning any excursions into NYC on weekdays when tourist sites aren't too crowded and traffic isn't too heavy. Add variety to these outings by spending leisurely time wandering around the city's beautiful, historic neighborhoods. Impress your guests by ending the day at one of the many trendy-but-affordable cafes scattered throughout NYC.

If your guests include children, don't be afraid to head into the city with them, but bring along kid-friendly tunes for the short drive and plan your itinerary to suit them. According to journalist Pamela Paul, "No one can expect children to spend a week traipsing through museums, but some of New York's boutique institutions are of special interest to young people." She suggests finding art and science museums that have special displays for kids. Doing so will help keep everyone happy and still allow all your guests to see some of New York City's best attractions.

Preparing Your Home for Long-Term Guests

After you've planned for the basic needs of your guests and have thought through ways to keep them occupied, turn your attention to your home itself. The housekeeping experts at Better Homes and Gardens recommend that you "declutter the entry area so there's room for you and your guests to greet each other and bring in suitcases without tripping over shoes, book bags or awkwardly placed furniture."

If your guests are staying for more than one week, you should remove all personal items from the drawers and closet in your guest room. Giving your guests space to store all of their belongings will help them feel comfortable. If you don't have space in your house to store the items that you need to remove from your guest room or other cluttered areas, consider moving your items into a self-storage unit for a few months. To get started, search for storage options nearby. While you can place some guest room furniture in storage, remember to leave at least one side table and a small writing desk for your visitors.

Having a clean, clutter-free home will help you enjoy having houseguests and help them enjoy being there.

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