Storage Mysteries

by John Donegan

The Scariest Self Storage Stories You’ve Never Heard

by John Donegan, SpareFoot

Halloween is over, but wild stories happen year round in the storage industry.  We asked hundreds of storage facilities listed on the SpareFoot self-storage finder to share their wildest real-life horror stories. As you will see, their strange and spooky responses do not disappoint.

Unsolved Mysteries 

Then there was the tenant who filled his storage unit floor-to-ceiling with used tires and then disappeared forever. Elsewhere, a unit went to auction containing nothing but a homemade iron box. Bidding went to $500 just on the mystery. At one facility, three tenants became locked inside their storage units in the same week. Police and fire departments had to break in to let them out.

The Voodoo Lady

One storage customer asked a facility manager if she was allowed to place a voodoo spell on her unit. The customer claimed that it would protect the neighboring units as well. After hearing this, the manager’s concerns were assuaged, so the voodoo lady was given the go-ahead. This occurred fairly recently, so the potentially disastrous aftermath of her spell remains to be seen.

The Swamp Man

With a creek running adjacent to her self-storage facility, a manager in a rural area watched a mysterious man slowly approach. He canoed up the creek, then walked through the woods carrying his canoe toward the facility. The manager was frightened at first, but the swamp man turned out to be a nice guy. Apparently, he does not have a driver’s license, so he uses the canoe as his primary mode of transportation. Now he has a convenient place to store his ride!

When asked to share his craziest story, one manager couldn’t choose just one: “Alligators, vultures, DEA, FBI, or do you want me to go back more than four months?”


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