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Tips On Moving a Wine Collection

by Manuella Irwin

Moving a wine collection can be a hassle. Along with safeguarding the transport of your furniture, you have to secure the shipping of your wine collection. Your wine is expensive, delicate and demanding, so you have to provide specific conditions during the whole moving process. If your wine collection is small enough, not overly expensive and you are moving a short distance, you can transport it by yourself.  There are special boxes for liquors and bottles which are sturdy and have Styrofoam dividers. You can even buy wooden boxes.  Pack the wine on its side and maintain 55 – 75 degrees F in your car.

Moving a wine collection – the Essentials                                                                          

  • Make an inventory

Assess your wine collection. Determine whether you want to move the whole wine collection. You might sell some wine or gift to friends and relatives. Make a list with the wine you consider moving with you.

  • Schedule an appraiser

Understanding the current market value of your wine collection is essential. As you will need to obtain coverage during the transport, you need to provide certified appraisal to the insurance agency. Look for reputable appraisers, do not just pick randomly. You can ask friends or even ask local liquor stores and distributors to give you some names. Work with an experienced and reputable appraiser.

  • Request wine moving services

Interstate movers are forbidden to transport hazardous materials in the moving truck – alcohol is considered as a hazmat, unless they are authorized by the PHMSA‘s Approvals and Permits Division. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Administration is the regulatory agency enhancing hazardous materials transportation safety and security. So when looking for movers, let them know about your wine collection before scheduling.

Moving wine across country

Mind that in order to preserve your wine during the move, you have to maintain certain conditions. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and light can result in irreversible consequences. Moving wine across country needs a good planning and extra financials. Surely, if you find professional movers, shipping wine when moving won’t be a problem.

Professional household carriers can manage the transit of your wine collection efficiently even if they have to work with subcontractors and arrange a separate delivery for the wine. If you consider using storage before moving in the new place, discuss that matter with the company representative in advance, as wine needs a special storage unit that maintains certain temperature and humidity levels.

Moving wine internationally

If you are moving internationally, then the first thing you have to look up is the customs’ regulations. In most cases, you will have to pay tax in order to have your wine collection imported in the new country. While household effects may be imported duty-free (if you have them for more than a year and are not intended for sale), alcohols cannot be imported duty-free (in case you are moving to the USA, I am not aware of customs regulations all over the world). The U.S. Customs Border Protection allows you to import free of duty and internal revenue tax, up to one liter of alcoholic beverage –  beer, wine, liquor  for personal use.  Quantities above that are not exempt from duty and internal revenue tax.

Moving wine internationally is tough. You have to contact the customs department to arrange the safe transport of your wine collection. Make sure you understand and moreover comply with the laws on shipping wine.

Before booking your movers, research them thoroughly – from the license check to the online reputation. Confirm that your mover has experience in moving delicate and expensive collectibles. Obtain comprehensive insurance and make sure you arrive at your place in advance, so you can provide the needed conditions for your wine once it arrives.

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