Moving can be a chore - self storage can help.

The ‘Launch Pad:’ Smart Storage when Moving

by Jenny

Did you know that moving is consistently ranked among the top five most stressful life events? It’s right up there with divorce, job loss, major illness, and the death of a loved one.

That said, there are ways to reduce the anxiety that comes along with moving. Storage is one of them. Effectively using a self storage unit is a great way to make moving easier and more efficient.

Let’s consider some moving best practices, and consider how self storage can help.

Five ways to combine moving and self storage effectively

1. Start packing now. Have you sold your current house yet? Even if the answer is “no,” you should still start packing now.

By packing up non-essential items — the stuff you can live without for the next few weeks — and moving them to a self storage unit, your living space will be far less cluttered. This is important because, as our friend Ronique Gibson at The Decluttered Home blog recently noted, staging your home properly helps potential purchasers better envision themselves in the space.

Self storage helps staging when moving.

If you have sold your house, what are you waiting for? One of the most common moving mistakes, according to Better Homes and Gardens, is “winging it.” Using a self storage unit as a “launch pad” into your new home saves time and trouble in the long run. Think about it — you’re already packed, you have plenty of time to clean your old house, and there’s no mad rush to run everything from Point A to Point B.

And — if you have pets — let Rover or Fluffy will appreciate their new surroundings much more if they enter a home that includes familiar items.

2. Pack smart. Part of packing efficiently means:

  • Culling the herd and eliminating some of the junk you’ve been holding onto for years
  • Moving items into self storage that should have been stored long ago

Broken bicycles that will never be fixed, clothes we will never wear, furniture that we really don’t want — it’s time to donate or discard these things.

Seasonal items like sports equipment, grills, gardening tools, heavy clothing like sweaters and winter jackets, etc. — start the practice of rotating these possessions in and out of self storage. Do you really want to lug a toboggan to your new house if it’s the middle of May? Probably not.

3. Find your new storage facility now. Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, you’ll want to find storage closer to your new home. You want fast, easy access and genuine convenience. Fair enough.

Since this is an Uncle Bob’s blog, let me note that we have storage facilities in 25 states across the U.S. A map is available at our website for info on locations nearest you.

4. Organize your storage unit in quarters. As you move items from your old home to your self storage unit, think geometrically. Divide the space into quarters and give each section a purpose — bedrooms, for example, can be one quarter, kitchen another. Label everything! This will help facilitate quicker reloading and unpacking when moving these items into your new place.

5. Load your truck correctly. Uncle Bob’s customers are entitled to a free truck rental within the first two weeks of purchasing storage. This is critically important — you don’t want to add to the already-pricey process of moving by tagging on another expense. Save it for the closing costs!

When moving your possessions from your old home to self storage — or from storage to your new living space — follow some simple rules:

  • Put the heaviest items in at the front of the truck, which will provide the best stability
  • Load the truck one quarter at a time, putting the lightest and most awkward items near the door
  • Remember to cover everything with blankets or sheets to protect it from damage

The best piece of advice? Have a plan. Whether you’re moving from an apartment to house, a home to a new home, or the college dorms back to mom and dad’s basement, the entire process is much easier (and far more pleasant) with strategy.

Good luck with your move! And if you need help, I would love to assist — except, see, I have this thing that day…

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