Put Your Nostalgic Memorabilia In Storage

by Josh Kruk

Why Self Storage Is The Right Spot For Your Sentimental and Guilty Pleasure Items

You know those parachute pants your significant other is begging you to throw out?  Or that superhero card collection your close friends make fun of you for?  For some reason, it’s not in you to get rid of these items.  Yet you don’t exactly leave them out in plain view.  It’s ok, there’s a little nostalgia hoarder in all of us.

Bring those guilty pleasures to a storage unit. Let it be your own personal fortress of solitude.

For one, all those items are probably just taking up closet or basement space anyways.  Decluttering your home is a great feeling as it is.  If it’s something you don’t use a lot like that old magnetic football game you get all nostalgic about, keep that in a storage unit.

Clearing out the additional space is a relief.  Most clutter experts suggest that if you haven’t used an item in more than a year, it’s time to trash it or at least clear it from your home.   So take that old ham radio and put your more compact mp3 player there.  You can still go back for it when you get the urge to use some trucker lingo.

Everyone has some items from their past they’re a little skittish to reveal. For me, it’s my old Magic The Gathering cards.  From a pure home organization standpoint, these items just flat out get in the way sometimes.   I had boxes of cards just stacked up in my closet taking up space.  Now they aren’t, and the extra room is liberating.

Give it a shot; if nothing else you’ll at least have a good laugh reminiscing.

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