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Prepare for Fall by Organizing Your Closets

by Ronique Gibson

Organizing Your Closets for the Cooler Seasons 

The warm days of summer are behind us, and cooler autumn weather will be here before we know it. The challenge of the changing of seasons is our resistance to moving last season’s clothes from our closets and bringing in the current season’s wardrobe. We all try to cram the winter coats alongside the beach toys and sun hats, and yet we don’t understand why we don’t have any space in our closets!

This fall, let’s try something new; let’s assess what we need and what can go into storage in another part of the home. And let’s make sure the clothes and cooler weather gear we use is accessible where and when we need it.

Here are some tips for organizing your closets for the cooler seasons and still have space to fit a few new items, too!

Leave summer behind and get ready for autumn. 

The wonderful thing about summer is keeping your swimming pool gear next to the kids’ beach toys in the closet and not having to worry about school uniforms getting messed up! Now that it’s autumn, the cooler weather, stricter time schedules, and more demanding lifestyles tell us that organization is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  Go through your wardrobe, linen, and hallway closets to determine what summer items can find a home in another part of the house. Many beach and pool toys can be placed in clear plastic or rubber bins and stacked in your garage or basement to free up valuable real estate for fall gear.  Let your kids try on transitional clothing to see if summer clothes can still be worn, or if they should find their way into storage or given to a consignment shop or charities.

closet organization

Organizing with simple closet upgrades. 

The cooler seasons are when your closets really get put to the capacity test. From heavier coats and wet rain boots to athletic sportswear, your closets could probably use some new closet upgrades to assist you. In wardrobe closets, consider hanging double rods. A double rod will expand your closet area and enable you to see what is hanging up without pushing each piece of clothing to the side. Add a valet hook to the outside or inside of your wardrobe closet for dry cleaning or to hang a school uniform or other important clothes. In your linen closets, consider building shelves to the fullest vertical height of your closet. This will enable large duvet blankets, down comforters and guest pillows to be stored easily and accessibly.

Bring closet items out into your utility area or mudroom. 

Once you have made way in your wardrobe and linen closets, look to your main hall closets and entryway for additional support for storage.  For many households, the mudroom at the front entry or the utility room or garage entrance is where book bags, athletic gear, purses, boots and all outdoor wear are housed. But these spaces don’t need to house our entire wardrobe of cold weather gear! Consider freeing up space in your closets by storing only current coats and outerwear needed for one week or two and store the rest in a hall closet, a garage storage space, or a local storage facility. This will create enough space for the family to use these spaces to sit down and put on shoes and coats. When family members come home in the evening, these entry spaces will also be good for drying wet outerwear for the next day.

Now that the cooler weather is whistling down our necks, make adequate space in your closets for the necessary gear. Once everyone is rushing into the warm house to get out of the cold, you will be glad you found more organized space in your closets this season!

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