Barbara Bougher helps people get organized.

“This is not an event, it’s a journey:” Q+A with Barbara Bougher

by Jenny
" It’s not about the stuff, although many people think that," Bougher explained. "It’s about relationships with the stuff. And…
A happy baby.

Smart storage for baby stuff

by Jenny
It’s a great idea to save gently-used items for the next baby in the family, but in the meantime,…
Furniture sometimes needs to be stored.

Keep your furniture safe in storage

by Jenny
Ensuring that furniture stays in peak condition while in self storage does take a little bit of work . With…
Ellen Palestine speaks.

‘Compassionate, responsible, professional:’ Q+A with Ellen Palestine

by Jenny
Ellen Palestine -- certified professional organizer and owner of Finally Organized in Livingston, N.J. -- hears the same story all…
The garage at night

5 Ways to Get the Garage in Shape This Spring

by Jenny
Decluttering the garage can be overwhelming, especially if you live in a four-season climate and you have to keep your…
Taming the basement is not always easy.

Basement blues: Taking spring cleaning downstairs

by Jenny
The basement can be a great space for storage, laundry, or even family fun -- unless it's a frightening collection…
closet organizing

How to Effectively Spring Clean Your Bedroom Closets

by Ronique Gibson
This spring, instead of piling seasonal clothing on top of your winter wear, follow these tips to clean and organize…
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