Loading a moving truck isn't easy

Moving smart: Tips for loading your rental truck

by Jenny
If your truck isn’t loaded correctly, you’re in danger of damaging your belongings -- and, as someone who once accidentally…
Messy roommate? Read on.

Living with a roommate & keeping your space clean

by Jenny
Let’s face it: dealing with a messy roommate (or any roommate conflict) is awkward. But in the end, addressing the…
Divorce is painful.

Breaking up is hard to do: Staying organized in a divorce

by Jenny
Marriage is bliss...until it’s not. While divorce can either be an uplifting start to a new life or a prolonged…
Address Your Mess Miami

Win a Spa Trip to Miami When You Address Your Mess

by Jenny
Is there a room in your house that is always a mess? A garage that suffers from serial disorganization? A…
Smart ways to rent a self storage unit

Refresher course: Renting a self storage unit

by Jenny
There are times when you realize you just don’t have enough space for all of your belongings. Whether you want…
Maggie Panagakis of Chicago

‘We can get to the goal:’ Q+A with Maggie Panagakis

by Jenny
Maggie Panagakis, founder of Strategies for Organizing in Chicago, focuses on organizing home and small-business offices. She came to the…
Television storage

Show’s over: How to store your television

by Jenny
A television is a delicate item to pack and store. With a little study, however, I found some advice that…
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