Get your Fall move on: packing your truck rental, picking the right boxes and more

by Ben Kirst

Moving can be a hassle. Scratch that: moving is a hassle.

First, there’s the packing. Next, there’s the truck rental. Surprising how fast that can add up, right? Then, between loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking your belongings, you’re a nervous wreck — not to mention dirty, dusty, and expected to entertain the friends and family who helped you move in a new living space that’s still a mystery to you. Good times!

While it seems like the bulk of moves happen in the June to August window — no one wants to pull their kids out of school mid-term if it can be avoided —  there are some advantages to moving later in the year (especially if schools and kids aren’t your first consideration).


  • Fall’s cooler temperatures can make schlepping your stuff a less sweaty adventure.
  • Many moving companies lower their prices after the busy summer season.

Fall and winter present their own set of challenges, of course. As we head into that precarious time between fall and winter, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter can get together to turn an already trying task into a nightmare. So how do you make sure your stuff stays safe when getting it out of storage, into your truck rental, and over to your new place?

Playing it safe: things to remember while moving

Watch out for the weather forecast. Make sure your movers have a hazardous weather policy, in case of a serious storm. And if you’re doing it yourself? Make sure you have plenty of tarps, plastic, and a sturdy pair of boots so you’re not hoisting crumbling boxes and traversing wet sidewalks in a slippery pair of sneakers.

Store your stuff in weather-proof boxes or storage containers. You can also line the insides of your boxes with heavy-duty plastic or bubble wrap.

Be wary of cardboard. Rule of thumb: if you’re storing anything on a concrete floor, make sure to use something other than cardboard. Cardboard can get damaged or absorb moisture. If you must use cardboard, place the boxes on a pallet or something similar.

If you’re planning a fall or winter move, remember that bad weather can turn the sturdiest cardboard into a problem, fast. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

Be bold with the plastic. For extra security, wrap plastic around anything that could be damaged. You think you’re safe from water leakage? Water has a funny way of getting into places you thought were secure.

Take into account that getting things into and out of a truck rental may be perilous, as well. Think about you (or your less-coordinated friends) hoisting a heavy boxes, dropping it onto their knee for extra leverage, ramming it into doors, dropping it down the stairs… you need extra cushion.

Moving, truck rental, safety

Are you using climate controlled storage? If not, anything that could be warped or damaged by temperature changes should be wrapped in blankets, to protect it from the heat or cold in storage, in the truck rental, or on the way into your new pad.

Your truck rental is a temporary storage facility. Very temporary, sure, but pack accordingly. Boxes and furniture that are able to rattle around inside your truck rental can get damaged when driving (we know how you drive). Stack carefully and pack boxes tightly. Blankets can be wedged between pieces of furniture for extra padding, and they also protect your belongings from the elements in case of wintry weather. Once that back door opens on your truck rental, weather becomes the enemy.

Safety first. Clear all walkways of leaves, which can become slippery when wet. Besides, tracking wet leaves into a new place is no way to start out your stay. Consider laying down rugs, blankets or towels to walk on as you and your moving crew carry things from the truck rental to your living space. This will serve the dual purpose of minimizing the amount of dirt tracked inside while keeping the floors dry.

Here’s an important note: Uncle Bob’s Self Storage provides a free truck rental when you rent one of our storage spaces. If you’re moving, and need to store your stuff before getting into your new place, you can use one of our trucks. If you start unpacking and organizing your new place and realize you don’t have the room or the setup for some furniture / artworks / statuary, you can get a free truck rental to haul that stuff to storage. Better than paying twice, right? Check our website for truck rental details.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle — well, not a huge hassle — if you stay safe, dry, and organized. Pack your things well. Make sure they arrive in their new home in one piece. Then, when the work is done, order up some pizzas, crack open the cold ones, and celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life.

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