Four Creative Uses For Binder Clips

by Josh Kruk

Binder Clips:  The Universal Life Saver

The question isn’t “what can you do with binder clips?” it’s “what CAN’T you do with binder clips?”  Binder clips are the source of multiple DIY tricks that can make your life easier on the cheap.  Here are just a few things you can do with these versatile creations:

Dashboard Smart Phone Mount


We DO NOT encourage distracted driving, however if you need it up there for directions or for your co-pilot to control the music, this is how to do it.

Replacement keyboard feet


We all know how annoying it is to have an uneven keyboard when the feet are broken.  Instead of springing for a new keyboard, throw some binder clips under there and get on with your day.

Keep Electronic Cords Off The Floor


LOVE this one.  You know how you have all those chargers and they kinda just form a mess of cords on the floor?  No more!  Use binder clips to keep them on a table, closer to your electronic devices.

Bottle Stacking


This one is handy, but is also some fun flair to show off to your friends.  Put a binder clip in the fridge for a nice bottle stack.  This will save you space in the fridge for sure, but let’s be honest; it looks cool.

That’s just a start.  Just do a quick search on Pinterest for “binder clip DIY” and you’ll see the bevy of helpful ideas that binder clips offer you.  Enjoy!

(all in-post images courtesy of Pinterest and Flickr, main image courtesy of Makezine)

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