5 ways your closet’s a mess (and how to fix it)

by Jenny

Your closet gets messy quickly. This causes frustration and wastes time. What should you wear to work, school, the gym? It’s hard to say when your closet looks like it was engineered by a family of beavers.

We’re going to help you identify your problems and whip that closet into shape. Finally.

Five ways to identify closet clutter – and solve the problem

Problem #1: Your closet is literally bursting with clothes and hangers. Not only is it difficult to see what’s available, it’s difficult to close the door.

Solution: Add-on and/or stackable hangers. Easily purchased from any home goods store, add-on hangers have a nob on top that allows another hanger to hang from it. You can do the same with the second hanger and repeat until your clothes hang in a vertical line, eliminating closet bulge.

Stackable hangers work best for pants. These hangers increase closet space and the ease with which you can identify what you own.

Problem #2: “I haven’t worn it but don’t want to get rid of it” syndrome

Solution: If you haven’t worn an item in an entire calendar year, do you really want it? Does it fit? Can it only be worn with one specific item of clothing?

With high maintenance or ill-fitting items, consider making a pile to take to a thrift store or give to a friend. Just can’t part with it? Place items into a sturdy bin and keep in an affordable self-storage unit. In fact, find an Uncle Bob’s Self Storage location near you right now. This keeps the can’t-bear-to-part-with items in your possession, but not in your face.


Problem #3: Messy footwear

Solution: Shoe cubbies. These delightful storage tools are lightweight blocks two-feet-wide by two-feet-high that hold roughly 20 pairs of footwear. A cubbie shelf to stack tall and stylish boots is also a must-have. Both products are simple to assemble and keep footwear both organized and off the floor. Major problem solved.

Problem #4: Handbags everywhere

Solution: Hangable canvas blocks or canvas squares. Latch these contraptions to a closet rung, place purses inside, done. If you still have too many handbags for the hanging unit, pack extras into a climate-controlled self-storage unit so that you can switch them out at various times of the year.

Problem #5: Sweater disasters.

Solution: Hangers can distort the material and shape of sweaters. Folding them into drawers takes up a good deal of space. Luckily, several companies manufacture plastic and wooden cubbies or hanging canvas units for sweater storage.

Still too many sweaters on your hands? Again, self storage is an ideal answer. A good sweater can cost upwards of $80 — you don’t want to replace these year after year. A storage rental is a great place to keep your cashmere and woolen friends once spring arrives. Visit Uncle Bob’s Self Storage online and find the storage options that are best for you.


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