save money on moving

5 Ways to Save Money When Moving

by David Gonos
Moving from one home to another costs a lot of money, and that's not even including when you need to…
wardrobe storage

How to Move A Wardrobe

by Josh Kruk
Packing up a wardrobe for a move or to be put in storage for the off-season can seem like a…
safely store appliances

Strategies For Moving and Storing Appliances

by Josh Kruk
Navigating stairs and maintaining control of bulky items during the moving process requires careful timing and a generous helping of…
move a flat screen TV

How To Pack a Flat Screen TV

by Jenny
Whether you’re moving across the country or simply upgrading to a newer model and storing your old television for later…
electronics storage

How to Pack and Move Electronics

by Josh Kruk
Compared to delicate antiques or family photos, electronic equipment might seem too robust to need special care during storage. When…
moving company

How To Choose a Moving Company

by Josh Kruk
On life’s stress scale, moving is listed right up there with divorce and death in the family. At best, it’s…
How to move life lessons Pic 1

How to Move: Survival Tips and Lessons Learned

by Josh Kruk
Moving is typically about as much fun as a three-month-long root canal. It gets lumped in there with death and…
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