I'm a recent college graduate and marketing intern at Uncle Bob's. This blog has turned out to be the perfect place for me - instead of bothering my less obsessive roommates about the critical importance of organization, I can just bother the internet about it.
Deposit Into Piggy Bank Savings Account

Save Money with Home Storage Solutions that Don’t Cost a Thing

by Thea Dellas
I recently picked up the famous book-turned-iPhone app “Eat This Not That,” which seeks to cut unnecessary calories by showing…
dorm - feature

Living in a College Dorm Room: The Problems and their Solutions

by Thea Dellas
The internet is full of dorm room ideas that make living on campus and sharing a bedroom that’s smaller than…
studio - feature

Living in a Studio Apartment

by Thea Dellas
Studios come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is a combined living/sleeping area. In…
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The Best Places to Find Cheap Furniture and Storage

by Thea Dellas
Whether you just bought your first house or you’re a student moving into a new apartment, you probably don’t want…
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Getting Organized with Kids

by Thea Dellas
Getting organized with kids can be a challenge, and getting the kids to help out is even more difficult. But…
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Making Minimalism Work for You

by Thea Dellas
When you hear “minimalism” do you think sharp edges, black and white lines and huge empty spaces? These are a…

Wood Crates: The Universal Storage Solution

by Thea Dellas
Wooden crates are one of the most versatile storage solutions I’ve ever come across. Crates serve multiple purposes and can…