Hey, everyone -- I'm a guest blogger here at Get Storganized, which, based on my lifelong battle against clutter, messes and household chaos of all kinds, makes this a bit of a dream come true. Best birthday ever? I got a Dyson.
Tiny house on Sauvie Island

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Tiny Houses

by Ben
"Tiny housers," people who choose to reside in living spaces that are sometimes dramatically small (at least by current standards),…
Dog on a bed

Pet Organizing Tips: Love your pets without living like an animal

by Ben
There are over 179 million pet dogs and cats in the U.S. -- that's a lot of fur! Keep your…
12 Cool Life Hacks

12 Genuinely Cool Household Hacks and Products

by Ben
A good hack or effective product should offer an affordable, clever and unique way to repurpose an object or solve…
Spend your summer making memories, not more work for yourself.

Stop cleaning your house this summer

by Ben
Summer is short! So why, with precious little time to enjoy long days and warm weather, would anyone chain themselves…
Business Storage is a great way to save money.

INFOGRAPHIC: Storage Value for Businesses

by Ben
If your business lacks storage space, or if you are using valuable square footage for storage, you are losing money.…
Self storage and snowmen: Holiday home staging

Winter Home Staging Tips

by Ben
All right -- enough's enough. You're giving in. You thought of a million reasons why you should hang onto your…
The drea: a decluttered laundry room in the basement.

5 tips to reclaim the basement

by Ben
My basement is a dumping ground, a storage facility for everything that time has forgotten. No more excuses. It's time…