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Remodeling Ideas When Moving in a Parent

Home Remodeling Ideas When Moving in a Parent

by Uncle Bobs

Advice for Moving a Parent into Your Home Moving your parent into your home will ensure he or she is well cared for and allow the family to save money when compared to a long-term care facility. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with your loved one. However, it’s not a decision you can make one day …

dining room table

10 Ideas That Will Change How You See Your Dining Room

by Grace Gerass
Whether you use your dining room to host formal dinner parties for your colleagues, as your children’s breakfast nook or…
keeping valuables safe in eldercare

How to Keep Valuables Safe in Eldercare Facilities

by Uncle Bobs
If a loved one is moving into a retirement community or nursing home, the transition will come with substantial downsizing.…
Living room space

How to Make a Small Living Room Feel Gigantic

by Kristin Sullivan
In the smallest of spaces, everything counts - which is why it’s important to make the most of what you…
moving during crisis

How to Move in a Crisis

by Uncle Bobs
Financial hardships happen that require relocating or reshuffling happen in life, and with these tips you can be prepared on…

10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Organize Your Makeup for Under $10

by Grace Gerass
We all need a serious solution for our beauty collection. Life can also be pretty expensive, and not all of…

14 of the Most Creative Mason Jar Ideas for Your Life

by Kristin Sullivan
Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Even if crafting isn’t your favorite hobby, you’ll probably embrace any opportunity to save…
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