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Cats claw furniture

How to protect your furniture from your pets

by Ben Kirst

You lay down on your couch after a long day. You realize the cushions smell strongly of Rufus, your beloved dachshund. What do you do when your pets start stinking up or tearing apart your furniture? Tips and hints to make your pets happy while saving your valuable belongings. Continue reading

Organized garage storage

5 Ways to Organize Your Garage This Spring

by Ben Kirst
Your garage is a mess. You have enough clutter to organize a yard sale that would put your kids through…
Atlanta at dusk

8 Reasons to Move to Atlanta

by Kristin Sullivan
If you’re ready for a change of scenery, you’re not alone. Almost 17 million Americans move each year -- including…
Couch storage

How to Store a Couch

by Kristin Sullivan
Planning to move to a new location? Downsizing your current space? Hauling oversized furniture can seem like a real pain.…
studio apartment storage

Five Storage Lessons From Living in a Studio Apartment

by Thea Dellas
A studio apartment is the ultimate storage challenge, but with these tips you'll be living spaciously and comfortable even in…

How to Downsize a Senior Citizen’s Home

by Kristin Sullivan
Downsizing a home can be a daunting process for senior citizens and their family. Read how you can help make…
When deployed, servicemen and women need military storage.

How to Use Storage During Your Military Deployment

by Kristin Sullivan
If Uncle Sam sends you overseas, you'll need to store your stuff. Here's your strategy for military storage. Continue…