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How can you use Uncle Bob's Storage Space Estimator?

Our handy tool helps you pick the right size!

It's hard to decide which storage unit size is large enough for the items you need to store. We make it easy! The Space Estimator shows you animations of our most common sizes to give you some perspective on how much stuff each can hold. Better yet - try out your things! Switch to the "Choose your Stuff" mode, and pick out the things you need to store. The Estimator will calculate which storage unit will best fit your things, and show you how to rent it at Uncle Bob's!

Select your items - we'll show you the right size

The easiest way to use our space estimator is to select the items you need to store. Just tell the estimator how many you'll have of each item and it groups, stacks and organizes them into the tightest space we can offer. From there, you can jump right in to finding that size storage unit at an Uncle Bob's storage facility near you!

Select a unit size - we'll show you what fits

If you're in a hurry, select one of our typical storage unit sizes and we'll fill it with everyday items for you. If you can't decide between a 10x10' and 10x15' space, this will help show you the difference in capacity.

No download needed! You can use it right now!

Our space estimator is right here on our website - you can just click here and get started right away!

Estimate My Space

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