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Tips for Selling Your Englewood Home


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The New Jersey real estate market is on its way up. Figures released in May 2013 by the National Association of Realtors show growth in the state's median home prices in the majority of markets. This is the first peak since the April 2006 boom.

However, homeowners are still reluctant to sell, causing a short supply of inventory and bidding wars. Because of this, it's a seller's market, so there hasn't been a better time in years to sell your Englewood home.

The Englewood Market Numbers

The 2013 real estate statistics of Englewood include the following:

  • The median house price is $424,000, up nine percent since 2011.
  • The median house size sold is up 120 percent.
  • The total inventory of houses on the market is down 20 percent.

To find out how much your Englewood home is worth, use Village Home Realty's handy calculator.

But before you put up the "for sale" sign on your front lawn, what can you do to ensure the quick sale of your home?

Big Fix

Invest in big renovations if within your budget. Blanche Evans of Realtor magazine reports, "The National Association of Realtors found in 2007 that a whopping 59 percent of homebuyers remodeled or made improvements to their homes within three months of purchase."

Making big improvements on your Englewood home will put it ahead of the rest, especially remodeling a "make-or-break" room such as a kitchen or bathroom. Of sellers that sold their homes within three months of listing them,

  • 47 percent improved the kitchen.
  • 45 percent remodeled or improved a bathroom.
  • 43 percent remodeled a bedroom.

While you're tackling a big project, make sure your Englewood home has an open feel by putting larger furniture in storage.

A Neutral Canvas

"Buyers want to visualize your house being their house-and it's difficult for them to do that with all your personal items marking the territory as yours," says Tara-Nicholle Nelson in an article for Reader's Digest. Make your home feel less yours and more a prospective buyer's by taking down these personal items:

  • Family photos
  • Religious iconography and decor
  • Knickknacks
  • Memorabilia

After taking down these items, pack them up and put them in storage so they're ready when you are for the move to your next home.

Go Online

Now that your home is ready for presentation, go to market. According to Nelson, "92 percent of homebuyers start their house hunt online."

Pick a real estate agent you can work with who will best represent your Englewood home. Once you have this key player in place, do your part in marketing your home by:

  • Checking your agent's online marketing and make sure your home is represented appropriately.

  • Taking a video of your home and posting it on YouTube. Be director and narrator. After all, no one knows your Englewood home like you do.

  • Posting your home's listing on Facebook. Include a photo album of your home in different seasons.

  • Getting your neighbors involved in the selling of your home by sending out links and an invitation to an open house.

Make sure all online photos of your home are high quality-sharp, clear images with proper exposure of well-lit rooms will keep potential buyers interested as they browse online.

Selling Your Home in Different Seasons

Although spring is the optimal season for selling your home, the lack of inventory in winter could work in your favor. Follow these tips from Realtor Magazine to increase sale potential no matter what the season.

Spring Fling

  • Yard clean-up - First impressions count and the first thing potential buyers will see is your yard. Make spring yard clean-up priority one.

  • Clean out the closets - Bulky winter jackets, heavy sweaters and boots take up a lot of closet space. Get these bigger items out of your closets to showcase their true size.

  • Fresh flowers - Add fresh spring flowers to your landscaping or bring some inside for a fresh look.

Sunshine Summer

  • Highlight the patio - Make sure your outdoor areas really shine. Clean them up, place fresh flowers and highlight any special features.

  • Keep it cool - You don't want potential buyers feeling overheated when they walk in the door, so turn down the air conditioning to keep the house cool and comfortable.

  • Light it up - Lighting walkways and architectural features doesn't just add a touch of style to your home, it makes potential homebuyers feel safer, so provide plenty of security lighting.

Fall Fun

  • Plant a fall garden - Brighten up your yard with a fall garden. This will help highlight your exterior living areas while adding color to dreary fall days.

  • Check the lights - Remember, as the days get shorter, you may be showing your house after dark, so take a few minutes to check all your light fixtures.

Winter Weather

  • Clear a path - Make sure your entry way is clear of debris such as ice, snow or leaves. Providing a clear walkway to the front door will set a good impression.

  • Stage it - In the winter, give your home a cozy feel by having a log slowly burning in the fireplace and turn up the thermostat. Display pictures of your home in spring and summer. Include warm-weather pictures of the Jersey Shore and neighboring New York City.

  • Light it up - Because winter days have less daylight, keep all the lights on to add to the natural light provided by open drapes and blinds.

  • Decorate - Get your winter decorations out of storage. A few holiday decorations will add a festive touch for a weary house hunter.


Whatever the season, following these steps will facilitate the quick, successful sale of your Englewood home. Before long, the red letters "SOLD" on the "for sale" sign will mean it's time to start packing it up.

If you are not moving out of Englewood, or if your move is temporary and you are in need of storage, you can find storage prices in Englewood by searching online.

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