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Preparing for Long-term Guests
in East Rutherford


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You've decided to graciously open up your East Rutherford home to someone in need. Striving to be a kind and thoughtful person, a person who wants to impart warmth and hospitality, and someone who welcomes a long-term visitor, so before your visitor arrives, prepare your home by touching up, tossing out, and storing some items.

Touch Up

Start with the first thing your guest will see - your front door or entry. East Rutherford's winter weather can tarnish this all-important first impression. Head out to the Home Depot in neighboring Clifton for touch-up supplies. As Better Homes and Gardens advises, "A tidy, well-tended entrance lets guests know you're looking forward to seeing them." Some things you can do to improve your front entrance's appearance are as follows:

  • Purchase or replace a welcome mat.
  • If paint is peeling, scrape and repaint for a fresh look.
  • Add color and warmth to your Garden State home with potted plants.
  • If your porch includes seating, make sure it's clean and comfortable.

Don't forget to tidy up another possible entry, the mudroom - that unwitting storage space for sporting equipment and seasonal wear that would be better off in storage.

Trade the Old for the New

Is your houseguest attending Montclair State University or staying with you while a loved one is a patient at St. Luke's Hospital? Houseguests come with all sorts of different likes, needs, and lengths of stay. If your guestroom is in need of sprucing up, keeping it simple and avoiding too many decorations will appeal to most guests, as will neutral colors instead of bright ones, which will also complement the lush surroundings of your East Rutherford home.

When it comes to sleeping accommodations, consider twin beds to optimize your space for a variety of visitors. Putting that large queen or king bed in storage will open up the room and leave space for your guest to add a useful item, such as a small chair or a table. With that same thought in mind, keep dresser tops, desktops and nightstands free of clutter.

If you don't have a guest room, think about adapting an office or another multi-use room with a trundle bed, daybed, or sofa bed. Or create a quiet corner - a guest nook with a small sofa, pillows, a throw, a reading lamp and a book on the history of East Rutherford - somewhere in your home.

Toss Out and Tidy Up

While you are readying your home for your houseguest, unclutter by tossing out or storing some unnecessary items and take care of the following chores:

  • Clear the stacks of books, magazines and papers that can accumulate in shared living spaces.
  • Reorganize and reline kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean the hall closet.
  • Clear out the guest closet (leaving only hangers) and dresser. If space is limited, supply decorative boxes or a bench, which not only serve as a storage space, but also provide a comfortable spot to sit.


Go that extra mile by providing your houseguest with the following treats and nice touches:

  • Have food items within easy reach and stock the pantry with favorites.
  • Place a map of East Rutherford on the nightstand.

In case your guest forgot to pack some essentials, provide travel-sized toiletries. Jennifer Beeler of Southern Living recommends, "Just like a hotel bathroom, lay out a few toiletries like soap, shampoo and conditioner, and lotion."

Be a Tour Guide

When your guests first arrive, give them a tour of your home, and not just its rooms. Show your guest where you store extra blankets, paper towels, drinking glasses and extra beverages. Sherry Holetzky, a blogger for, suggests you "invite your guests to help themselves, since it is impossible to be always ready to serve.... But they won't if they have to fumble around or try to find things."

You can also prepare an itinerary for your guests' stay by developing a tour of East Rutherford. You might want to incorporate places such as the following:

  • A Saturday at the New Meadowlands Market for some local color, tasty treats and bargains.

  • The Izod Center, where you guest can get tickets to sporting events, concerts and special events, such as Beyonce, One Direction or the State Fair Meadowlands.

  • The massive MetLife Stadium, formerly Giants Stadium, home of both the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

Almost Home

Follow these steps and not only will your guest feel at home, your East Rutherford home will feel refreshed, renewed and less cluttered.

If you have to make more space for your guest than you thought and storage is needed, be sure to choose a local storage facility that provides climate control and a security system.

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