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Apartment Living in Delran:
Finding the Perfect Place


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Apartment Living in Delran

Located 79 miles from New York City and only 14.5 miles from Philadelphia, Delran, New Jersey, is an ideal town for those looking for an alternative to big-city living. With a population of just under 17,000 (as of the 2010 census) Delran is known for its beautiful hiking trails, rich history and varied cultural events. For those who choose apartment living in Delran, the township offers a number of complexes to choose from, many of which are conveniently located near a storage facility for stashing extra belongings.

Choosing the Right Apartment

In 2013, apartments range from $955 to $1,800 per month, depending on the number of rooms - which range in size from a simple efficiency to a large three-bedroom unit - and amenities such as laundry facilities, gyms and parks. Selecting the right unit for your needs should include careful consideration of storage needs. For example, you may find it more economical to rent a one-bedroom apartment and a storage unit instead of a two-bedroom apartment. Choose an apartment complex located near your storage unit for added convenience.

Location is Everything

Make sure to keep in mind the weather when selecting your Delran apartment. New Jersey is prone to cold, snowy winters, with average temperatures ranging from 23 to 41 degrees in January. Choose an apartment with interior entrances to provide protection from the weather.

It is equally important to consider the location of your Delran apartment. Remember, the city is near many hiking trails and offers several museums, theaters and other cultural attractions, so choose the area that best suits your preferences and personality.

Hiking Trails

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, an apartment in Delran Township is an ideal choice. According to their website, Delran is home to community-minded residents and offers many business and sporting and recreational opportunities. Because of Delran's proximity to bodies of water and its more than 450 acres of preserved open space, these include water sports and both active and passive recreational opportunities, such as hiking and picnicking. There are several excellent hiking trails located nearby. These vary in difficulty and length, making it easy for every hiker to find a trail.

  • Cattus Island - Located near Toms River, Cattus Island offers a 1.8 mile trail, ideal for a short hike on easy terrain. The site is also a favorite spot for geocaching.

  • Rancocas Nature Center of the New Jersey Audubon Society - Located along the New Jersey Inner Coastal Plain, this nature center was almost forced to close in the 1970s. The New Jersey Audubon Society stepped in with funding, and now this 1,100 is a favorite spot for hikers and those who just enjoy nature.

  • Rattlesnake Mountain - An outdoor paradise, Rattlesnake Mountain features more challenging hiking trails, climbing opportunities and plenty of wildlife. Don't forget to stop at your storage unit to pick up your climbing equipment on the way.

Culture, Arts and Music

A short drive into New York City or Philadelphia offers many opportunities to enjoy cultural activities, including museums, theaters and galleries. Whether you enjoy live music or art, choose an apartment near a bus or train line for easy access to Philadelphia, which features exhibits such as:

  • Aerials - If you've ever wanted to learn about aerial work with stilts, stop by the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts for their Introduction to Aerials Workshop. The school offers classes for all ability levels.

  • Philadelphia Museum of Arts - The museum features a variety of permanent exhibits as well as rotating exhibits and shows.

  • Summer Concert Series - From polka music to orchestral pieces, the summer concert series at the Friends of Louis I. Kahn Park offers plenty of choices.

Delran is an excellent choice for anyone looking to live in a smaller community while still enjoying the benefits of Philadelphia and New York. A variety of apartment complexes, with a wide range of price-points, makes it easy to find an apartment suitable for your needs. Don't forget, when it comes time to move, research Delran storage prices.

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Delran, located in the southern part of New Jersey, is a community-minded township with a population of nearly 17,000. Named after its location-the meeting place of the Delaware River and the Rancocas Creek-Delran has much to offer families. Pack a picnic dinner and grab your sporting and fishing gear out of storage for an afternoon of family fun.