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Uncle Bob's Corporate Alliance

Outfitting your field associates with storage for merchandise and business equipment can be a monumental task. There are contracts to manage, payments to make, access permissions to monitor - each new storage facility you engage adds more to the to-do list.

Uncle Bob's uses clever technology and a talented team of account managers to roll it up for your business. We become your first point of contact for storage logistics, and provide the efficiencies that large-scale, national businesses expect.

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Powerful Account Portal

Your company's web portal keeps your company's inventory of storage units transparent and at your fingertips. Our storage management system supports thousands of storage units under one interface.

  • Your storage units are searchable, sortable, and exportable to Excel.
  • Drill into granular details for each space, such as storage environment, cost breakdowns, and access priveleges.
  • Assign spaces to your internal codes for cost centers, regional budgets, or company associate names - all completely customizable.
  • Vacate spaces, change access privileges for company representatives, and request new spaces one-by-one or in bulk with just a few clicks.
  • Download and manage your monthly invoices.

Experienced Account Management

Our most talented customer service representatives serve our business storage customers as Account Managers. Armed with years of experience in the industry, your company's Account Manager is responsible for onboarding your existing storage unit rentals and management of the nevessary day-to-day tasks. Account Managers prepare proposals for new space rentals, act as a liaison between storage facilities and your company representatives, oversee account details and billing, and field any questions you may have along the way.

Locate Storage in any State

The web is great, but we can source the storage you need in any state in minutes! Provide us with the location where you'd like a storage unit, and we'll deliver a proposal for one of nearly 500 Uncle Bob's Self Storage locations. When Uncle Bob's can't serve your location, we'll find space at one of thousands of storage facilities in our network of Preferred Providers. Our Account Managers prepare a detailed space proposal which outlines space rental costs, dimensions, storage environment, and precise location with map. Once you're prepared to add the space to your rental agreement, our team processes the leasing and forwards move-in details to your company representative.

Consolidated Billing

If your accounting team is processing invoices and payments for each of the spaces you rent, now's your chance to be their hero. Uncle Bob's takes on this role for you. Corporate Alliance's powerful storage management system processes payments to each storage facility you use, combining them all into a single, comprehensive invoice. Through our customizable note fields, you can assign spaces to internal codes your accounting team uses for expenses. Cost centers, expense codes, associate names - each will appear line by line on our invoice, delivered promptly and electronically at the beginning of each month.

Leasing Controls

Storage rental agreements are legal contracts. Reviewing and managing these documents on a rental-by-rental basis adds a layer of administration that you don't need. Corporate Alliance processes all rentals at Uncle Bob's Self Storage facilities under one rental agreement. For third-party storage facilities, our Account Managers work directly with each facility to be sure your rental agreement is properly filled-out in the name of your company and kept on file. This extra due diligence assures that your company will always have access to your storage unit and claim to the contents regardless of personnel changes.

Associate Access Controls

Every large organization faces personnel changes and turnover. Storage facilities are secured with access codes and individual locks on each space. For a large number of storage units, it can be time-consuming to ensure the proper company field associates have access to the space. Our Corporate Alliance team handles changes to the rental agreements, facility access codes, and locks - all on your company's behalf.

Deliveries Right to your Storage Unit

For many large companies, timely delivery of merchandise and equipment is essential to the way they do business. A convenient solution is arranging for these deliveries directly to a storage unit, with no need for company associates to be present. Delivery arrangements require special access privileges for the storage facility owner, and our Corporate Alliance team can make the legal arrangements on your company's behalf.

Don't wait to find out how Uncle Bob's Corporate Alliance can simplify your storage needs!

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