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How to Successfully Store
Year-Round in Cincinnati


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Storing for Success in Cincinnati throughout the Year

Once referred to as the Paris of America in the 1800s, Cincinnati is a bustling metropolitan center located in the heart of the Midwest. Whether you're a long-time resident of this storied city or are thinking about moving to the area, it's important to understand how climate conditions will affect your comfort and your precious possessions. Familiarizing yourself with the climate is the best way to ensure that you'll enjoy comfortable, stress-free days and will be able to plan for events such as parties, park outings and house cleaning with success. It's also important to understand weather patterns in the area so that you can evaluate how humidity might damage clothing, collectibles and other goods that you may put in storage in order to declutter your home.

Understanding Weather Trends in Cincinnati

Though Cincinnati enjoys what many would describe as temperate spring and fall weather, the area can see some temperature extremes in the winter and summer seasons. Year-round, the temperature in the area rarely rises above 94 degrees with a July average high of 87 degrees. In the winter, temperatures can drop quite low but rarely fall below 7 degrees. The average low in January is 23 degrees. Residents of Cincinnati must have a diverse wardrobe in order to stay comfortable during very cold winters and very warm summers.

Of course, humidity also plays a big role in the area's climate. The meteorologists at WeatherSpark note that humidity can be a challenge for some Cincinnati residents. According to the meteorologists, the relative humidity level in the area "typically ranges from 41 percent (comfortable) to 97 percent (very humid) over the course of the year, rarely dropping below 25 percent (dry) and reaching as high as 100 percent (very humid)."

Taking Special Precautions When Decluttering Your Home

Understanding weather patterns in Cincinnati is an important first step to decluttering your home. When you become familiar with the conditions in the area, you can choose an ideal time of year to clean out your home and sell or store unneeded possessions. Many homeowners complete these tasks during March and April, when temperatures are pleasant and daytime humidity is relatively low, allowing them to thoroughly clean and sort their possessions without facing heat exhaustion or getting too cold.

If you're planning on moving items into storage, you'll need to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. No matter the delicate items or collectibles you're storing, guide Pamela Wiggins recommends that "if you decide to change the way you are storing items, moving from hot to cold and vice versa, do so gradually. Most antiques can be shocked when exposed to temperature extremes too quickly." It is important to choose climate-controlled self-storage units if you need to keep furniture, antiques, important paperwork and collectibles in self-storage in the Cincinnati area.

Protecting Your Possessions in Cincinnati Self Storage

Placing items that are causing clutter in your home into safe and secure self-storage is a great way to free up space. However, home guru Bob Vila cautions that, "When it comes to long-term storage, out of sight should never mean out of mind. Regular inventory checks are critical to ensure that your possessions are free from damage. Mice, moths, silverfish, temperature extremes, humidity and water can damage valuables beyond repair." Be sure to visit your storage unit at least once a month to ensure that your possessions are free from water, light and humidity damage. In addition to checking your unit once a month, be sure to visually inspect your possessions after snow has accumulated and melted to ensure that no water has entered your unit.

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