Where To Store That Clunky Sports Equipment


If you play sports or are around anyone who does, you know that finding the right spot to store the equipment can be tricky.  For one, the gear can be just plain unsightly.  Plus certain items can be just very awkward.  Ask a hockey parent, chances are they’ve tripped over a poorly placed stick at least once.

Instead of turning your house into a locker room, put your sports gear in a storage unit.

A 5×5 storage unit offers enough room and can be as low as $35 per month.  So if you’re the one who’s tasked with bringing the bases and bats to softball, you can keep it all in one convenient spot.  No need to keep them in your car for a week or have them taking up space in the garage.  You can keep that clunky cooler in there too.

If you’re playing a seasonal sport and only need the unit for a few months, self storage can be temporary.  Or if you’re thinking long term, we can handle that too.

So if you don’t want your roommate or spouse yelling at you about your equipment, or you just need the extra room, maybe give self storage a shot.  We’ve got a spot for you.



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