Winter sports can thrill, but they can also cause an organizational challenge. Bring order to the chaos by creating a winter gear drop zone in your home.


Transform a Dead Zone Into a Winter Sports Gear Drop Zone 

Winter weather sports exhilarate, enliven and thrill. But the stuff that comes with winter outdoor activities can create an organizational challenge. Bring order to the chaos associated with winter gear by transforming an unused section of your home into a temporary winter gear drop zone.

Not only will creating a designated area for winter sports equipment keep your home organized and clean during the winter months, but your gear will also be at the ready for your next winter outing. Remember, when creating a DIY winter sports gear drop zone, convenience is key.

Where to Create a Drop Zone

When you and your family members return to the warmth of your home after battling it out with the icy elements, the tendency for most is to drop everything when you walk in the door. With this in mind, create your temporary drop zone where you come in from the cold most often, such as:

  • The front door entry.
  • The back door.
  • Off the kitchen.
  • Off the laundry room.
winter gear

Your drop zone can also be in a narrow walk-through hallway that is closest to the main entry. “A stretch of wall just inside the door offers enough space to create a drop zone,” says Debra Wittrup of Better Homes and Gardens.

Wherever you create your drop zone, having a boot tray will keep ice and dirt out of your house and off of your flooring. According to, you can make a boot tray by the door even better by filling it with small stones, which you can find at garden centers. “Ice and snow will melt and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray, so your boots won’t stand in a puddle,” the organizing experts at explain.

Smart Storage Solutions

The secret to creating a successful drop zone is investing in the right storage solution. Since winter sports gear tends to be on the bigger side, consider a moveable locker, cabinet or multi-storage rack if space permits. Not only will this storage solution keep skis, snowboards, hockey sticks and skates out of sight, you can also move it out when winter ends.

Another great addition to any winter sports drop zone is a bench. Remodeler Jeffrey S. Brown tells writer Kayla Kitts that, “Bench seating should be open to the floor, allowing for someone to sit down and put their shoes underneath when they come inside.” Purchase a bench that doubles as a storage space for even smarter and efficient stowing.

If space is limited, create a makeshift drop zone. “Add a shelf and hooks or pegs for coats to create and organized drop zone for coats, gloves and boots,” suggests remodeler Brian Ciota. “If there is space under the bench, add a boot tray or baskets for small items.” You can also add:

  • Durable plastic storage bins—these will keep wet and dirty items off of your floor.
  • A modular shelving system—perfect for storing muddied shoes.
  • Wire baskets for damp items—ventilation will allow wet hats, gloves and scarves to air dry.

If home organization and cleanliness rank high on your list, creating a temporary winter sports gear drop zone is a must. Your home and your main entry will be cleaner and clear of clutter.

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