If you’re looking for a hidden storage space that’s dry, temperature controlled, and nearby, try looking under your bed.


Do You Want to Know a Secret Storage Space?

What’s hiding under your bed? If your answer is nothing, congratulations! You’ve just identified an ideal storage space. It’s dry, temperature controlled, and nearby. If have to guess what’s under your bed, or your best answer is some odds and ends, including dust bunnies, random items the cat dragged underneath it, and a single matchless shoe, clear out that clutter and make way for organization.

The large space under your bed was made for storage, and not just any old storage: smart, efficient, and cost-effective storage. Transform that empty space, which was once only designated for make-believe monsters and other assorted undesirables, into a nifty storage space. Your stuff will be safely and conveniently out of your way.

Choose the Right Under-the-bed Storage

“Look for bins that are long, have wheels (or easily glide), and open at each side,” recommends Elizabeth Larkin, who works with both individuals and organizations in implementing and refining organizational and productivity processes. “This way no matter what end of the bed you’re on you can easily retrieve items.”

Under-the-bed storage boxes or drawers might already be in your home. Consider using:

  • A cardboard box with top flaps removed
  • Shoe or boot boxes
  • Wicker woven baskets
  • Canvas-covered boxes[2]

You can also purchase plastic sliding drawer units or decorative storage bins that roll in and out in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Once you’ve decided on which kind of storage unit is best for your needs, sort away.

Three Plastic Boxes

Oh, the Things You can Store

If it’s smaller than a bread basket, you can pretty much store it under your bed. “Those few inches of empty space under the bed are a great place to store extra pillows, sheets, blankets, and off-season clothing such as sweaters,” according to a Martha Stewart Living article.[3]

Under-the-bed storage is the perfect spot for keeping: 

  • Backpacks, Totes and Gear Bags – Items you only use occasionally.
  • Shoes – Especially seasonal shoes and/or special occasion shoes. Keep your more often worn pairs in your closet.
  • DVDs, Games and CDs –These items are perfectly sized for placing into a bin and then sliding it under a bed.
  • Gift Wrap and Cards – Items that always seem to be in the way but you can never seem to find when you need them.
  • Toys – Especially the ones you are trying to weed out slowly.[4]

For an extra special touch, insert a piece of cedar plywood at the bottom of each bin containing clothing. By doing so, not only will you add a pleasing scent to the bin, you will deter moths.

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Under-the-bed storage containers do not need to have a cover or lid, especially if you are storing items you use regularly. However, “If you decide to use open storage such as baskets or open containers, remember to clean and declutter under your bed regularly,” as Decoist – Interior Design & Architecture suggests.

If your home tends to gather dust easily, use lined baskets with closeable lids that are easy to clean and will ensure the safekeeping of your goods.

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You’ll never have to guess at what’s hiding under your bed again. Using the space under your bed for storage provides new found space in every bedroom of your home and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your things are stored safely just a stone’s throw away.



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