With the new year well underway, check out these home organization rituals you can start now and practice all year long.


The new year is in full swing and we all have our share of goals and resolutions we are pursuing, right? While it’s important to have new ambitions to strive for at the beginning of each year, your home’s organization can be a ritual you practice all year. When you have systems in place for the entire household, it benefits you and your spouse, your kids, and even your pets!

Let’s examine your current organization techniques and determine why they aren’t working any more. Then we can tweak them to create organization strategies that feel less like a chore and more like a comfortable way of living.

Review and revise your old home organization routines.

We all have habits that we’ve adopted over the years, but many of us don’t realize that home organization should change as our lifestyles do. What used to work when all the children were toddlers may have to be updated to fit your teenagers’ way of living. You and your spouse may have been able to find everything you needed in your bedroom closet when you first moved in, but ten years later, a new organization method is needed!

Assess your current closets, pantry, cabinets and other storage areas to determine what can be changed. Often times it’s just a matter of purging old clutter every season. Believe it or not, if you purge items each season, you’ll be surprised how your home will stay less cluttered and more organized all year round.

Get the family involved in organization.

In many homes, the organization duties rest on one or two people while the other family members don’t have to be responsible for their daily messes. In order for your household to stay organized all year, you will need the help of everyone in the family, including your pets!

Create an organization area for Fido’s chew toys and put them there everyday. After a few weeks, your dog may know where to find and return his own play items. For small children, make organization fun with colorful organization bins, shelving and cubbies in their rooms and play areas. For school-aged children, personalized study areas with coordinating desk accessories and bulletin boards could be just the trick to help them adopt organization habits to last throughout the months.

While you’re at it, take a look at your home office area. Could your filing routines turn into an electronic system to relieve the clutter? Remember, adapting to a modern lifestyle and its conveniences could be all that your household needs to stay organized.


Let go of the stress of staying organized all the time.

While we all would love to live in a home that always looks like the cover of an interior design magazine, we have to remember that daily living is also important. Instead of stressing over picking up throughout the day and sounding like a drill sergeant to your children, choose times of the day and week when everyone picks up after his or herself. Before bedtime is often great for children while weekends tend to work better for busy working parents.

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Also, take a look at your family’s schedule and change up the organization routine along with your family’s lifestyle. For example, an ideal clean-up time that works for everyone could be different during the summer months than it is during the school year. 

Enjoy the new year as a time for growth in your household.

The new year should represent a time that you and your family grow together toward your goals. This can include physical, mental, and social goals as well as simply learning how to live better together in a bustling home.

Organization is key to keeping the chaos at bay and helping your family spend more time enjoying your home and each other. Use these simple tips to create a routine that works all year long and helps keep you committed to your resolutions one month from now—and beyond!



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