Summer is here, but is your home ready for visits from family and friends? If not, here’s what you can do to make sure your home is ready for summer!

Summer is here and who can believe that the school year is behind us and a long, hot summer is ahead? Depending on your family home this may or may not be a welcomed time if you aren’t organized. Between extra entertaining of family relatives and friends, to your kids’ sporting and leisure activities, this summer is shaping up to mean a busy household. Fortunately, we have some excellent summer organization tips to help you keep your sanity and enjoy the warm weather and your family this season.

Schedule a family meeting to plan out the summer

Depending on the age of your children and the dynamics of your family, having a family meeting about expectations, travel vacation plans, relatives visiting, and summer activities can be a great time for everyone to get on the same page. Whether on a communal chalkboard, paper calendar or electronically, map out what the family wants and plans to do for the summer months. Mark down holidays, vacations, and important dates first, and then plan around them. Ask teenagers and older school-aged children what they’d like to do and also mark down adult work and leisure activities that need to be considered as well.

Organize the house based on summer activities

Every household is different and organizing your home based on what activities everyone will partake in this summer is essential. If your children are toddler-age or younger, you will need to have a set plan of activities, supplies, and organizational systems in place (such as toy bins, diaper bags, and other essentials) to keep you and your spouse organized. If you have older children that can organize themselves, consider talking through a list of supplies, athletic equipment, camping supplies and day camp items they will need. Organize a mudroom, utility closet, or hallway closet where kids can easily see their items when needed and can pick up or drop off throughout the summer. You can even make signs with individual names for hampers to hold athletic clothes or craft supply bins for family members that tend to lose their own supplies.

organizing for summer

Prepare your summer guest room now

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Instead of waiting to hear when your family relatives will be coming to visit this summer, why not get the guest room ready now? Decluttering the spare room and providing extra hangers and an empty closet are just a few guest room touches that can be started now. Start collecting maps, brochures and local tourist attractions to go to, so when your relatives do surprise you – all you have to do is bring out the fresh bed linen. To cut down on the ‘surprise’ visits from your relatives, why not start planning and asking relatives their summer vacation plans now? There’s nothing better than having family over when the visit was completely planned in advance for.

Start making vacation reservations in advance

If you haven’t started already, start making vacation and transportation travel reservations now. Even if your plans are tentative it will help your family plan out the summer and could help you save money. Do your homework as to how much time you can get off at work, whether you’re taking the entire family, and who will house/pet sit while you’re gone. These organizational practices help the summer flow easier when you know what is coming, rather than hastily making decisions at the last minute.

Schedule time for relaxing

Believe it or not, the summer is supposed to be time to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. In just a few months the kids will be back in school for the fall and you will wish you had taken advantage of these lazy days of summer. Leave times in your calendar for the kids to just play outside with their friends, for you to relax by the swimming pool with a good book, or even take a restful nap in that hammock that never gets used.

Organization of your home this summer doesn’t need to only be about your physical home. It should encompass your family summer lifestyle and how you all love to enjoy it. Use these tips to create one of the best summers your family has had in years.

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