If you’d like to throw an awesome summer party but aren’t sure where to start, we have some helpful party planning tips just for you.


The only thing better than relaxing in the summer sun is entertaining with friends and family at a summertime party. The long summer days and warm nights make the perfect ambiance to have good food, good music, the right lights, and festive décor. Then the party just falls into place. However, it doesn’t always work out this seamlessly. In fact, if you are stressed out this summer because you want to throw a party but are not sure where to start, we have some helpful tips for you. From planning the guest list to enjoying the festivities with your guests, instead of just being behind the scenes, take a look at these easy planning tips.

Choose your guests and invitations

Before you get into the execution of the details, determine what type of party you want to throw. Summertime is perfect for a casual pool party with family or even a small, intimate adult cocktail party. Decide if you will have a mixture of ages or if you’d prefer to stick with one age group. This will help you choose a menu; choose a theme and music/ambiance later on in the planning process. Once you’ve chosen the guests, it’s time to invite them. From casual email invitations to more formal handwritten notes sent in the mail, choose a style that fits with your guests.

Select a theme and menu

Summer themes are the most fun to plan! From tropical beach party to patriotic summer holiday themes, your imagination can go wild with ideas. Remember to keep your guests, their ages, and your entertaining style in mind. This will help you decide what type of decorations to get. If you prefer to be less hands-on, try asking a few friends, neighbors or family members to help plan the details. On the other hand, if you love to plan it all, look through magazines and search your favorite entertaining blogs for ideas on menus, decorations, and music to pull it all together. When choosing food, keep in mind that a buffet-style party with finger foods is for casual mingling, while a plated sit-down meal is more formal for adults.

mini tartlets with cream and fruits

Organizing the party day events

One of the most stressful aspects of planning a summer party is not just the details, it’s the execution on the day of the party. For starters, plan in advance who is going to decorate for the event. If possible, clear the family out of the house or rent out a clubhouse where decorating can start early in the day. Decide if you are doing the cooking yourself, having the event catered, or if friends/family will bring dishes to add on to the meal. This will help you know how to set up, but will also help you delegate roles for cooking, serving, and cleanup after the party. Remember, as host you need to enjoy the party too! So if you plan on doing the cooking – do it well in advance, so you can have everything set out in time to enjoy the festivities.

Planning fun things to do for all ages

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When planning your summertime party think through the guest list and what activities will be enjoyable. If kids are involved, ensure party games, board games, lawn games, and athletic/sports gear is ready for them! If you are keeping the party to adults around the pool, do your homework first and ensure that the music, lighting, and mingle areas for conversations are ready for your guests. Plan on having the food and barbecue grill/summer kitchen area within the vicinity of the entertaining. That way guests will all feel part of the same party, regardless of the activity they are enjoying. Use string lights, tiki torches, and lanterns to ensure great lighting in the evening hours, while still keeping a beautiful glow to your party.

This summer take advantage of all the season has to offer. From planning who will come, to choosing a theme, menu and decor, you are on your way to a fantastic summer event. There is nothing better than your friends and family talking about your summertime party that they can’t wait to repeat next year!



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