With these space-saving bathroom organization tips from professional organizer Andi Wills, you can remove the chaos and clutter and take control of your bathroom.


Tired of searching for cotton swabs amidst those prescription pill bottles you’ve neglected to throw out and miniature lotions you’ve swiped from your favorite hotels? Or, are you frustrated about losing your favorite lipstick in your makeup drawer that barely shuts? With these space-saving bathroom organization tips from professional organizer Andi Wills, you can remove the chaos and clutter and take control of your bathroom.

Nowadays, most homes are built big on open space but small on storage. Before you consider a remodel or an upgrade to a new home in a different neighborhood, try these simple space-saving solutions. They’ll help you clear up those drawers and make the most of those awkward spaces under the sink.

In this video, Andi focuses on these main steps:

  1. Group like with like
  2. Baskets and bins
  3. Pull-out shelves
  4. Wire shelves
  5. Plastic bins
  6. Adjustable shelves

Considering the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home (especially for guests), it’s important and extremely useful to give it an organizational makeover. You might be hesitant about bringing order to the bathroom. Will it cost a fortune? Should I hire a professional? How long will it take? Luckily, Andi has taken the complication out of bathroom organization.

The key points of bathroom organization include knowing where everything is located and making use of extra space—especially the awkwardly shaped space under the sink. By utilizing adjustable shelves and wire shelves, your under-the-sink cabinets can be put to good use. Clearly labeling everything and making sure similar items are grouped together means you won’t have to search endlessly through your drawers and cabinets.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more videos about home organization from Andi and other organizing professionals at Uncle Bob’s Storage! And, if you still find yourself in need of other ways to reduce clutter, off-site self storage may be just the solution you’re looking for.



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  • irma

    Hi,i just wanted to say what great ideal u have This is the first time seen your video,luv it and THANK U

  • Renae

    This looks great, as I’m just moved into a house with so little storage I can’t figure out how to make it work. My under-cabinet spaces and drawers in the bathroom are only 10 inches wide. Are there any storage items that fit that size, and can they be used in a rental that we’re not allowed to change in any way, including installing pull out anything!?
    I’m desperate, please help!

    • Brianna S

      Depending on how high & deep your cabinets are, you can use a couple of things to help.

      I use the $1 cheap clear shoebox size containers with lids for low access supplies (spare razor blades, extra deodorant, soap bars, specialty first aid braces, etc). They can stack and scoot around under cabinet pipes easily.

      In our tiny apartment, I added a rolling 4-drawer organizer (2 full height drawers, 2 half-height). It worked very well. When we moved into a place with more cabinets, I bought a 2nd one, rearranged them to fit in the cabinets (1 with a full ht and 3 1/2s, 1 with 2 full and 1 1/2 ht.) Easy to do, no modifying the cabinets needed.

  • Karin

    Great tips!! Now If only you sold those shelves and baskets right on this page…..!

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