Whether your laundry room lacks organization, begs for a boost of inspiration or needs to be more family-friendly, here are some tips to create an efficient space.

If there is a room in your home that doesn’t get much fanfare, it would definitely be the laundry room. But whether you love it or hate it, you probably don’t think much can be done to improve your laundry room, right? Well, think again! This room is highly trafficked throughout the week and is often times the unassuming culprit for why we are not productive in our daily routines.

Whether it lacks organization, begs for a boost of inspiration or simply needs to be more family-friendly, keep reading for great tips on how to make your laundry room just as efficient as the other rooms in your home.

Create a role for everyone.

While traditionally the laundry room has been a place for the adults to sort, clean and fold the clothes, the laundry room should be usable for the whole household. Organization for the entire family means small children can put their dirty clothes in one place, teenagers can help sort the clothes and fold them and parents can run the machines and iron clothes.

Assess your family’s lifestyle to determine what can be added to simplify your laundry room. Large laundry rooms can benefit from sorting bins for different colors of clothing. Smaller laundry rooms may need vertical storage and drawers that fit between the washer and dryer. Drawers below front-loading machines are great for storing laundry supplies.


Make your laundry room a multipurpose space.

For most households, the laundry room needs to serve more than one purpose. In many homes, it is the entryway from the garage or a side door, and therefore needs room for all-weather gear. Use hooks, shelving, overhead cabinets and mudroom benches to provide ample space to store school bags, purses, umbrellas and dirty shoes. Consider using a boot tray to let wet gear dry out without making the floor wet and hazardous.

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A mudroom incorporated in or adjacent to your laundry room will provide a functional area to unload and clean off before entering the main house.

But your laundry room shouldn’t be limited to just these basic functions. In fact with a little creativity, this multi-use room can turn into a mini home office in many homes if you have extra space for a computer desk and chair.

It can also become a storage area for cleaning supplies, a broom, a mop and other tools with the installation of clip holders sold at most organization stores. These enable you to store long-handled cleaning tools upright on your wall without needing a closet.

Find hidden storage opportunities throughout your laundry room.

While you may think that what you see is what you get in your laundry room, there is hidden space throughout the room that you may not have noticed. Take advantage of the vertical space above your machines for built-in cabinetry that goes all the way to the ceiling. The highest shelves can be used for bulky linens such as comforters, or even for seasonal decorations and items you don’t need access to regularly. Use concealable ironing boards that fold into hidden cabinets or fold down from the wall to save extra space!

You will be surprised how your laundry room can become more spacious and efficient with the help of these tips. Be careful, though—you may discover that having to do the weekly laundry isn’t as much of a chore as it once was!

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