Let’s determine what areas of the guest room need the most work. Here are some essential tips to prepare your guest room now so you can enjoy your guests later


Organize Your Holiday Guest Room for Visiting Family

The time is finally here—the holiday season, when friends start visiting and when relatives decide to stay a little longer than you had planned. No worries! Even though many holiday guests are surprises, we all still love the camaraderie and tradition that the holidays bring. Your holiday guest room is going to get a lot of attention this season, and getting it organized should be your top priority.

Before your nerves get frazzled, let’s determine what areas of the guest room need the most work. Here are some essential tips to prepare your guest room now so you can enjoy your guests later.

1. Declutter the current guest room or spare bedroom.

If you start now, decluttering won’t seem like such a menacing task. Whether you have a dedicated guest room or your older child’s bedroom becomes the guest room, decide what can be purged. Before the holidays, start with the closet and dresser drawers, give away clothes that aren’t worn anymore or store current clothing in another room.  Outdated clothes, toys and books often get stored in guest bedrooms, so it’s time to clean them out. Many homeowners like to hold garage sales before the holidays to take advantage of the selling season and make room for a fresh and spacious house for the holidays!

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2. Ensure your guests have exactly what they need.

When you travel and stay at your favorite hotel, it seems like you always have to call down to the front desk for something, right? When organizing your guest bedroom, think of essentials that traveling guests need. Clean bed linens and extra pillows and blankets are important. Plenty of hangers in the closet and a place to store their suitcases should be considered as well. If you don’t have a luggage rack, consider getting a luggage mat for the bed or adjacent area so your guests may unpack their belongings comfortably.

3. Bring holiday touches to the guest bedroom.

There is nothing nicer during the holidays than thoughtfully placed décor or amenities to greet your guests in the room they’re staying in. Whether it is a plate of holiday cookies wrapped in clear plastic bags or warm bathrobes and slippers, these are simple touches your guests will love. Before they arrive, ask guests before what sights they plan to see when staying with you. Local tourist attraction maps, brochures and even a list of local eateries and shops can be packed in a gift basket for your visiting guests.

Holiday houseguests provide the perfect reasons to prepare your guest room! Consider getting new bath towels for a fresh appearance to the guest bathroom too. It can be nice to have fresh linens on hand in the linen closet as well.

Travel during the holidays can be stressful. There’s nothing better than being welcomed into a warm and festive home to make difficult holiday travel worthwhile. Let your guest room be a home away from home that your guests can look forward to staying in this holiday season.

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