Make the Most Out of Your Pantry Space


Learn how to make the most out of the space in your pantry with the following tips from Professional Organizer Andi Willis. Easily transform your kitchen from a cluttered mess to a cohesive unit where everything has a home.

In this video, Andi focuses on four main steps:

  1. Empty and clean your pantry.
  2. Group like with like.
  3. Use wire shelves, stepped can holders, bins and baskets.
  4. Make use of vertical space with over-the-door organizers.

Whether you’re just moving in or are streamlining your current arrangement, organizing your pantry will not only keep it looking neat and tidy but can also make it easier to cook dinner, put groceries in their proper place and even take some stress out of entertaining guests.

Simplicity is Key

Pantry organization doesn’t have to be complicated; forget about alphabetizing spices or organizing items in order from largest to smallest. You can take the complication out of it by staying focused and keeping things simple.

The key points of pantry organization include knowing where everything is located, making use of extra space and keeping the items you use most often close at hand. You can do this by grouping like with like, making use of vertical space and utilizing over-the-door organizers.

When it comes to pantry organization, the sky’s the limit—even ordinary items like baskets and bins can help maximize space and create a clutter-free zone. Watch this video featuring Andi Willis to learn more practical tips on how to get your pantry organized.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more videos about home organization from Andi and other organizing professionals at Uncle Bob’s Storage! And if you still find yourself in need of other ways to reduce clutter, off-site self-storage may be just the solution.



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