How to Organize Your Child’s Bathroom


We all know how the kid’s bathroom can go from neat-as-a-pin to a complete disaster in less time than it takes to fold a stack of towels. Whether you have one child or a whole brood sharing a bathroom, some innovative organizing and design tips can save you time when it comes to cleaning up that all-important room. Implementing these changes from move-in day to college, or when your family moves out, will ensure the kid’s bathroom is both fun and functional.

Overall Organization

Before you get down to organizing the shower caddy, take a few minutes to think about the overall organizational plan. If you have several kids using the same bathroom, you may not want use the linen closet for towels—it might make more sense to use it for storage.

Towels – Keeping wet towels off the floor of the kid’s bathroom is the goal of many parents. This is increasingly difficult when the bathroom is used by multiple kids. Ginger Bowie of Ginger Snap Crafts suggests replacing those door hooks or towel bars with a hat rack—choose an oversized rack with six or more hooks for more versatility. Consider painting the name of each child over their hook. This will prevent arguments (who used MY towel) and help you keep track of them for laundry day.

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Plastic bins – Especially important if you have younger children, plastic bins in the bathroom are perfect for wet clothes after an afternoon at the pool or muddy clothing from playing in the rain. Even better, you can easily carry the bin to the laundry room or even rinse it out in the tub.

Cleaning supplies – Don’t forget to make space for your cleaning supplies right in the bathroom. A small caddy works perfectly and often fits under the sink. This will save you time when it comes to cleaning.

Daily Use Bag

According to Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family, one of the most effective things you can do to help the kids keep their own bathroom organized is to set up daily use bags or totes for each child. Fill the bags with each child’s toiletries—deodorant, makeup, hair supplies or whatever else they might need. This is particularly helpful as the kids get older. Store the totes out of site in a linen closet or drawer. If you don’t have the space to hide them, a shelf works just as well.

For an added degree of organization, you can color code everything. Each child gets a color. His or her bin, toothbrush, hairbrush—even towels—can be the same color, making it easy to find the owner of any item in the bathroom. Color coding also makes packing a snap, whether you are packing for one night or for a move.

Reclaiming Lost Space

Often, one of the biggest issues in bathrooms is simply lack of space. With a little ingenuity though, you can easily reclaim some of that lost space for storage.

Back of the door – The experts at nix the idea that the back of the door is just for one towel bar. Instead, they suggest you hang three, spacing them to hold one folded full-size bath towel.

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Cubbyholes – Also according to, bathroom cubbyholes, “keep bathroom items neat and accessible.” The large shelf space is perfect for bigger toiletries or stacking washcloths and hand towels.

Corner shelving units – Very small bathrooms can benefit from corner shelving units. Many of these are quite narrow, providing just enough space to store extra toiletries or linens. This is a great solution for houses with kids of multiple ages—the lower shelves are perfect for the youngest kids while the older ones can easily access the higher shelves.

Overall, when organizing the kid’s bathroom, try to sort into bins or totes. These will store neatly in your linen closet or under the counter, helping to keep the bathroom clean and making it easy to move bathroom accessories when you need to.

If you find yourself needing to move some of your belongings into a storage unit and others into your new home, these tips will make it easy to do so. Each daily bag can be packed with each child’s overnight bag for the new house, while the neatly organized bins and totes can stay in storage until you are ready for them. Find a convenient storage facility with our easy to use search tool.



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