Attract potential buyers from the get-go with these DIY tips to help increase the curb appeal of your home.


Don’t you love spring? Now that the deep winter freeze is behind you, you can fully focus on selling your home. If you just made a grimace thinking about your outdoor home, it’s possible that directing your efforts to DIY curb appeal ideas could be in order. Spring is the best season to get your home ready to put on the market. Your outdoor home is the first façade potential homebuyers will see, so ensuring that it makes the right impression is essential. Here are some easy do-it-yourself curb appeal ideas that will help wow buyers before they set foot into your home.

Walk Around the Outside of Your Home

As homeowners you probably walk from your mailbox to the front door, or from your garage into your home day in and day out. When you are a homebuyer, your eyes automatically turn to the small details: landscaping, grass, walkways, front entry, lighting and the exterior appearance of your house. This means you, as a seller, will need to fully walk the circumference of your home and take note of all the areas that need attention.

Stand across the street and look at your entire curb appeal from a “bird’s eye view”. While you aren’t staring down at your home, it’s important to view your outdoor home as a perspective homebuyer would be coming to view your home for the first time. Note landscaping that needs to be trimmed and tended to and investigate your mailbox and the sidewalk leading to your property for cracks, weeds and unsightly debris.

Visit Your Local Home Improvement Store for Advice

When it comes to landscaping and improving your outdoor home surroundings, it is easy to get overwhelmed by what plants to choose for what area of your home, and what shrubbery will thrive in your geographic location. Look to your local home improvement store nursery for tips and tricks. While hiring a landscaper or a gardener is another option, getting the job done on your own can save you money and give you a weekend project to tackle. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance on choosing the right plants, fertilizing your lawn and how to lay down ground cover such as mulch or gravel. Remember, there is a wealth of information waiting for you just around the corner at your local home improvement center.

Ensure Walkways, Sidewalks and Hardscape Areas are Clean

While it’s easy to only focus on the landscaping or “softscape” of your outdoor home, don’t forget about the hardscape areas such as the concrete drive and walkways. Using a pressure washer or even renting one for a weekend to clean off dirt and grime from your walkways can give your walkways a whole new look. Ensure paver stones, bricks, or any stepping stones are securely in place and create safe footing for pedestrians walking to and from your home.

Create a Front Entry That Invites Buyers Inside

Once you have tackled the main vistas of your exterior home, it’s time to turn your attention to your front entry area. This includes your front stairs, railings, porch, door, address numbers and lighting. All of these factors should be inspected for disrepair. Consider adding a new coat of paint or wood stain to your front door and polish or replace metal finish door hardware. Fresh cushions on your garden furniture and a new welcome mat can add color to your porch and welcome potential homebuyers without breaking your wallet. Lastly, hanging plants or placing beautiful potted flowers at your front door will create a welcoming ambiance before buyers open the front door!

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This spring, dust off all of your excuses as to why you can’t get perfect the curb appeal of your home. Homebuyers are back in the market for homes and yours can be the next one on their list to come walk through. Use these helpful tips to create curb appeal buyers will fall in love with instantly.

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